Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Com'on Down Rainman!

As you know last weekend, we limed and fertilized our yard real good. So with lots of rain and a prayer, we are hoping to rescue the grass we do have on our property. You have to remember that we had 3 big dogs in our back yard for 14 years, so the grass never had much of a chance. Until we were blessed with children, we only focused on our front yard because we knew not much could be done to the back yard (dogs).

We were told by our local farmers coop that since our property is surrounded by oak trees, this zaps the nutrients from our soil.  Hey here's an added bonus, the leaves from the oak trees are very acidic and the longer they are left on the ground the more acid is penetated into our soil; thus leaving us with no grass and more moss on the ground.  JOY!  In time, we hope to turn this around with what we've done thus far and plan on keeping it up in years to come. 

With Springtime comes a lot of rain and thunderstorms.  My child, probably like any other child, is scared of a thunderstorm.  She said it's the thunder that scares her the most.  I remember my mom telling me as a child that when it thundered, it was God moving his furniture around.  A friend said when she was a child, her mother told her it was St. Peter bowling with the angels.  When it thundered that was God making a strike because He's on the angels' team and we should cheer "YAY for God!"  I thought that was so cute and wanted to share that tidbit with you.  What are your thunderstorm stories?  I'm really interested in hearing them. 
Lots to do and running out of time to do it.

Colton's birthday update
As you know, I received the birthday supplies.  Well, it's taking me forever it seems like to get the invitations addressed.  It just seems like something always comes up and I have to put it aside.  I better not waste too much time because his birthday will be here before you know it. 

I still haven't gotten the child anything for his birthday yet.  Walmart and Target doesn't have anything available that just jumps out in front of me.  We talked about getting a small ball pit to keep in the house because he LOVES balls.  He stays entertained for hours just throwing a ball around the Living Room.  I did find a hard plastic Tonka dump truck at Walmart online that you can pull up the bed; sit and push the truck around.  It also comes with a few lego blocks.  I also wanted to show Doug a battery operated ATV for children 1 1/2 years and older from Walmart online.  I think Alise had one of these when she was little.  I think it's around $75.  Stay tuned!

Katie's Ballet Recital
Katie's recital costume came in and we got to bring it home yesterday.  Yay!  It's so cute.  Mrs. Anna had all the children try on their costumes to make sure they fit properly, then they came down and showed us mommas.    I hope to take a few pictures this weekend of Katie with her recital costume.  Stay tuned to see the photos.

I don't know if Katie will be returning next ballet year.  She told me today that she still likes ballet, but she might want to do something else next year.  Today at school, Mr. Johnny from Triad Marital Arts came by the school and taught the children a few karate moves.  Katie seemed a little excited about it.  She showed me the moves at home.  I asked her if maybe she would like to take karate next year instead of ballet.  "Yeah" she answered.  I told her to think about it and we'll look at other things as well.  It would be an easy transition because the karate classes are next door to her ballet class.  Ha ha! 

Beach Update
Y'all I'm so excited!  As you know, I've been searching hard and long for that perfect little white beach dress for Katiebug.  Yesterday, I lost to a bid on a beautiful Kate Mack dress.  It had pretty pink daisies all over the bodice part of the dress.  So precious!  I felt bad for bowing out, but there comes a point where you have to say "I'm not paying that."  In a way, it was a good thing because then I wouldn't have found "THE DRESS."  It's simple, but Katie and I like it and I didn't pay near the amount that I would have for the other Kate Mack.  The picture isn't all that clear, but here's a sneak peak:

It's a white Kate Mack dress with pink smocking at the bodice in a size 6.  Katie really likes the flowers on it.  I think it will look so cute on her, while taking beach pictures this Summer. 

Jon's Baseball Game Photos
Below are a few pictures of us at Jon's baseball game.  We about froze to death, but it was a lot of fun.

Katie absolutely loved Hollison's iPod
Katie styling in Leslie's sunglasses

Jon #12 - 1st base/left handed pitcher
Go Jon!

Playing at the Park
Below are a few pictures of Katie and Colton playing at the park.  They loved it and I promised them that we would be going more since it's getting nice outside. 
First time Colton's been on a slide
I was so relieved to finally see a fence around the playground area
First time Colton's on the trampoline.  He didn't know what to think about it.

He loved the sandbox.  As you can tell, he laughed nearly the whole time he was playing in it.
Colton's punky hair

Colton didn't like his sissy hanging on to him
Colton gets on his Mickey Mouse rocker by himself
Katie wanted her picture taken with brother. Katie dressed herself.  Can you tell?

Katie Story
I don't know what is going on with our girls in Mrs. Katie's class. Apparently, everyone has to have a boyfriend in her class including our little Katiebug. Katie broke the news to me after picking her up today from school. She told me that Lilly told her that she had to have a different boyfriend, not Will. So, the next best thing is Ty. Ty is the only boy in her classroom. Poor thang! I asked her if everyone has to have a boyfriend. She answered, "oh, yes. Didn't you know that?" She started naming off all her girlfriends' boyfriends. Priceless! I asked her if Ty knew he was her new boyfriend. "Yes" she said. Then, I asked her if he liked her. "Yes" she answered. "Didn't you know that?" Ugh! My child. I have to remind myself on a daily basis that she's only 4 years old and not 14.


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