Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bearcat In Training

Okay, so she's not officially a little bearcat that is not until August. Yes, we've got our Katiebug registered to start Kindergarten at CCPS this Fall. Their school mascot is the Bearcat.
CCPS Bearcat Mascot

Now, before you start sending in all the questions as to what a bearcat is exactly, I've got a picture and brief description for you.

A Bearcat is another name for a Binturong, a viverrid mammal from Southeast Asia (China). Get this a Bearcat is known for their scent. They smell like popcorn. LOL!

As a new little bearcat, Katie had to represent her school well. So, we bought these flip flops. I didn't think she would like them because they're not pink, but when I told her they were her school flip flops.  "Mom, I love them" she began telling me.  The high school softball team were selling these to raise money for the season.  Our little town is very proud of our school system, so we won't have a hard time trying to find school apparel.

I don't know why, but I'm just so happy for Katie and so excited for her.  I took her by the school yesterday and to our surprise, her friend Olivia was there from her preschool.  Yay!  Katie was having a fit when she saw her.  A few minutes before we got there she was just asking me if there was going to be anyone there that she knew.  I was relieved and so was Olivia's mommy and daddy.  As we were filling out all the paper work, we were talking about how we hope the girls will be in the same class.  Olivia's daddy took the girls on a tour of the school.  They came back to the office all big eyed.  They were so excited and couldn't hardly wait to tell us mommies about their new school.  Katie's just amazed that the playground is in the middle of school.  It is pretty cool and I'm very pleased about their security measures.

Then, last night as we were in ballet, I was talking with my new friend, Becca.  She plans to register her little girl as well at the same school.  The only thing is we have to wait to see if she will be accepted because she's out of district.  Ugh!  I hope she'll be able to get in.  Oh, it would be great if one of Katie's friends could be in the same class as she.  I have gone ahead and warned her of the possiblities that her friends may not be able to be in her class.  I just don't want her to be upset, if they're not.  Surprisely, she sounds excited to make new friends.  I did tell her that she might get to see her cousin, Trey, and Zayne's sister, Nia, because they'll be there.  She was excited because she's going to be in the same "big" kids school as Nia and Trey.

Colton at 6 Months - 9 Months 

7 months old

8 months old

9 months old - sharing some Ritz crackers with daddy

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Laura said...

I know she is SO excited! Our school was selling Flip Flops last fall but they ran out of Alise's size. I noticed Mrs. L had her RO flops on this morning. I was so jealous because I was standing there in hose and heals! Ugh!!