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Bye Chuck!

Bye Chuck!
Last night, Doug and I went to a "Goodbye Dinner" for our new/old friend, Chuck.  Doug's worked with him through another location for a few years.  When Chuck finally transferred here, Doug and he became quick friends.  He soon became one of my new friends as well.  He is so easy to like, sweet and humble.  We knew it wasn't going to last forever because it was time for Chuck to go back home.  {sniff}  So what better way to say "Goodbye" than a great get together at one of the world's best Chinese restaurant, P.F. Chang's.  Yum!  My mouth waters just saying the name . . . P.  F.  Ch  an  g's. Okay, so we made reservations there for 20 people to show up.  One of the people was my old boss, Michelle.  It was so good to see her.  She is such a sweetheart and we couldn't say enough to each other about how much we missed each other.  She is really great!  I was so disappointed, I couldn't see my other old friend, Diane.  It's been too long, about a year, since I saw her last.  Later, Doug found out that she was sick.  Poor thing!  I hope she'll get plenty of rest this weekend.  Doug's co-workers that I had the priviledge to sit next to were very nice people.  One is currently with the Air Force and the other was retired from the military.  Those two men had very interesting stories to tell.  I learned a lot.  The current USAF wife is a preschool teacher, which gave me pointers about 5 year old little girls that are boy crazy.  I asked her what the deal was with preschoolers and boys.  She told me it was the girls' older sisters telling them things about boyfriends.  Uh Hah!  So that's why Katie's been coming home saying she needs a boyfriend.  The retired US military wife has an older daughter, approximately 9 years old.  She was there, playing her Nintendo DSi at the table.  One of her games was "Barbie."  So, she gave me lots of advise about what she loves about Leapster 2 and likes about Nintendo DSI.  I think she sold me on the Leapster 2.  If you don't know, Doug and I have been talking about getting Katie a Leapster 2 for her 5th birthday.  My main concern about it is "would she really get any educational value out of it?"  "Will she be interested in it long enough to really get anything out of it?"  I still want to talk with Mrs. Katie about it before we make the final decision.  Now our Katie has told me how much she would love to have one.  Everytime we are in either Target or Walmart, she goes straight to the Leapster 2 game display.  Do you have experience with the Leapster 2?  What advice would you give me today about it because I would be very interested? 

We took lots of pictures of the dinner, but I don't have them downloaded yet.  I know, I'm such a looser right now.  I promise, I will post them as soon as I have them available. 

I know Chuck is one of my biggest followers on the blog.  He might be my number one fan (LOL) because he tells a lot of people (that I know from work) to read my blog.  Chuck, I hope you will still find time to check in every once in awhile and leave me a comment.  LOL! 

Seriously, you will be missed and we wish you all the luck in the world on your new ventures.  Doug will be expecting his daily calls from you {tehe}.  You know, to talk shop.  Between your schooling and personal life, you have to come back and visit us.  We will try to come and visit you some time. 

Spring Pictures
I didn't want to post without saying a big "THANK YOU" to my Blog family for all the sweet comments you left me either on my blog comment section or Facebook profile.  You are too much!  I know I was complaining about not having very many good pictures, but hey at least I got 3 or 4 good ones.  Right?  I think most moms understand the frustrations, life brings you.  Add a little bit of perfectionist to that and you'll have . . . ME!  Just one of my many many faults. 

Hide 'Em & Find 'Em Eggs Update
Oh, I wanted to update you on my search for the Hide 'Em & Find 'Em eggs.  I FOUND THEM!  First, I want to THANK all of you out diligently looking for these eggs for me.  I appreciate your effort very much!  Peggy called me Thursday and told me how she found them at "Rite Aid" pharmacy.  They had 5 left and she got every one of them.  She mentioned they were regularly $7, but were on sale for 20% off (I believe).  I was tickled pink! Well, as soon as we left P.F. Chang's Restaurant Friday night, we headed over to "Target" because I promised some little girl (Katiebug) that I would get her a surprise if she was good for her babysitter.  As I was looking up and down the Easter aisles, there they were in all their glory.  HIDE 'EM & FIND 'EM EGGS * 4 to a pack * $14.99.  I thought this was a great deal, once you did the math.  This pack would be much less than the individual eggs Peggy bought at "Rite Aid."  I felt that I had to buy them at this low price.  I even tried them out in the car on the way home, to make sure they worked properly.  LOL!  They seem to be of high quality or well made products as well.  They are bigger than I expected, but I had hoped they would have been a good size due to the price, I would have to pay.  Katie and Colton love them!  When the egg starts talking, Colton thinks it's funny that he giggles while holding the egg.  After coming in the house for the day, Katie and I played a couple of "Hide & Seek" games with the eggs.  She had a blast!  Saying this, I must say that I feel I should give her some training on the seeking part.  She thinks the seeking is you telling her where the eggs might be.  I gave her clues, but she couldn't following them very well.

Working Outside
We took advantage again of the beautiful Spring like weather.  We went to Lowe's and bought some top soil to fill in some sink holes and grass seed.  We are so hoping to be growing grass in a lot of the bare spots of our lawn.  Ugh! 

While Doug was doing his project, I decided to go ahead and tear down an old cement edger that I had around our Bradford Pear tree.  The tree is nearly 15 years old and I've had this edger around it since we planted the tree.  One of the edgers got old and broke in two.  I simply threw the broken one away and placed two of the three remaining in a different spot for a small flowerbed in the back yard.  I dug up the variegated monkey grass, I had planted around the Bradford.  I took the better half and planted it in my new bed in the back yard and threw away the other.  I don't remember where I got the other from, but I never liked how it looked around the Bradford.  Katie had a ball, playing gardener with mom.  I wished you could have seen her.  She had on her garden gloves, her small shovel and trawl and supporting her knees with her "Dora the Explorer" kneeling pad.  I even had her head wrapped up in a scarf, to keep her from getting an ear ache.  It was a sight! 

There are so many special events going on right now.  You need to mark your calendar and come visit Alabama. 

Upcoming Area Events
Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin' Road Show - March 27 & 28 @ BJCC
It's seems that everytime Disney comes to Alabama, something comes up and we're not able to take Katie.  I know she would love it, but it just hasn't been in the cards for us yet.  They usually come again in the Fall time too.  So cross your fingers and say a little prayer.  Maybe the next time, she might be able to go.  She actually saw this on TV, but I had to break the news about Colton's birthday party.  Yeah, we probably could be on Sunday.  The only thing about that is it's on a school night and after a big party day.  I think it would be too much for everyone. 

BCT Presents: The Wizard of Oz April 24th @ BJCC
I saw the advertisement for the boardway production and I think Katie might be too young.  She still loves the movie, but it's different when live human beings are in front of you.  I'm afraid it would be a little scary for her.  Besides, I would like to see her survive a ballet production first before we move on to a boardway production.  Shoot!  The closest thing for me seeing a boardway production is "Looney's Tavern."  I don't know if they still put on plays there or not.  LOL!

Bunny Bonanza - April 3rd @ Huntsville Botanical Gardens Sponsored by Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children
There will be refreshments, thousands of eggs to hunt and games for the kids. I believe the fee is regular garden admission, plus $5 for the bonanza ticket. The only time I go to the HBG is during "The Galaxy of Lights" event, so I don't know how much they charge for regular admission. Actually, I can't believe they charge a fee because Birmingham's Botancial Garden is just as beautiful and it's FREE. I always go there and they live off of donations.

Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville presents "Star Wars Exhibit" for Summer of 2010
Exhibit will open June 25, 2010. For tickets, you can find there HERE.

Peter Cottontail Express at the North Alabama Railroad Museum is on March 27th
CLICK HERE for all scheduled events. CLICK HERE for the 2010 price pages. I've been wanting to take Katie to the Peter Cottontail Express for a couple of years now. Again, we're not going to be able to go because tah dah it's on Colton's birthday.  Oh well.  Maybe next year. 

Easter Craft
Every once in awhile, I check out my favorite Arts & Craft Magazines.  I thought I would share some of the really cute ones to you.  Ones that I think would be a lot of fun to make.  These 2 fun crafts were provided by Martha Stewart. 

Envelope Bunnies
One great way to say happy Easter is with paper-envelope rabbits -- bearing treats, of course.
1. Seal the flap of an envelope, and draw bunny ears on the sealed side, as shown below. You can draw your own or use our bunny ear template.
2. Cut along the line through both layers of the envelope.
3. Flip the envelope over; what was the side of the envelope becomes the bottom of your treat holder.
4. Cut pink construction paper to make eyes and insides of ears, and glue them on the front of the envelope. Use colored pencil for mouth; glue on a pom-pom nose. Fill with yummy Easter sweets.

Doily Baskets
Tools and Materials
Stitched (not paper) doily
Bowl in the shape of the basket you would like to make
Fabric stiffener

Doily Basket How-To
1. Soak doily in bowl of fabric stiffener until saturated.

2. Remove doily from stiffener and place over bowl (or along inside of bowl) to form a basket shape.

3. Allow to dry. Carefully peel dried basket from bowl.

To purchase API's Crafter's Pick Fabric Stiffener (water-based), visit
From The Martha Stewart Show, March 2008

I thought these doily baskets were so adorable.  I saw the show and it looked so EASY!  Now for those of you that are faithful Martha Stewart Want -To-Be's, like me, know that not all of her test runs are EASY.  I may not be able to try this tomorrow or in time for Easter, but I will be making me one.  They are just too pretty and I think they would make great gifts.  At one time, I was a BIG doily fanatic!  Finally, I put my love for doilies away.  {sniff, sniff}  But this would be a great excuse to get them back out and use them.  {yay!}


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