Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sun, Stuffy Noses and Wind Burn!

It was a gorgeous Spring weekend! The temperatures stayed around 60 degrees and we had to be apart of it. I'm worked on my flowerbeds, when I can - cutting back monkey grass, blowing all the dead leaves out  of the flowerbeds and trimming back bushes. I still have some work to do, but they look so much better.

Friday, Susan and Leslie came by to visit us for awhile. Sue said she had to get her Colton and Katie fix.  We haven't seen them since Mom's birthday, so it was good to see them. Later that evening, Peggy and Millard came by the house to watch Colton for us while we (Doug, Katie and myself)went to see Jon play baseball. A lot of Jon's family was there to support him. He had a game at 4:30PM and 6:30PM. Dad and mom left after the first game. It was FREEZING, but we decided to stay a little during the second game. Everyone was wearing their Winter coats, gloves, ear muffs and tons of blankets. Jon's cousin brought a portable heater. Katie was smart to stay close to the heater. It was 40 degrees when we finally decided to leave the game.  Katie had a ball going off with the big girls to play. She was so mad at us when she had to leave.  Jon's team lost the first game and was winning the second. Despite the freezing weather and developing frostbite on my toes, we had lots of laughs at one another.  Chase and Doug were being clowns of the group.   

We are suppose to be receiving lots of rain this week so Saturday, Doug and I limed and fertilized the front and back yards. I was so glad to get that done. I'm so hoping it will help the growth of our grass. Next, I'm shopping around for the perfect bushes to keep my Mock Orange bush company. It looks so lonesome outside, by itself. We have mostly partial to full shade, so I'm leaning towards Lilac bushes. I really wanted Butterfly Bushes because I remember as a child, we had 2 purplish Butterfly bushes, and during the Summer they would be covered in beautiful butterflies. I want my children to have that experience. I was disappointed to find out that Butterfly Bushes do well in partial to full sun. {boo} I know nothing about Lilac bushes, could someone out there please give me the pros and cons about these bushes. I read they attract butterflies as well, so that's a plus. Tips and suggestions about Lilac bushes are welcome. 

After we finished doing our yard work, we went over to Peggy and Millard's. Millard was burning off some of his brush pile, so Doug helped him out. Katie and I have wind burn on our cheeks and lips. I've had to keep Chapstick on my lips today because my lips are so chapped.

Today, everyone is suffering from early Spring allergies, which includes sneezing, watery eyes, head congestion and runny noses. Ugh!  God bless him, Doug went after church for me and picked up some Sudafed and throat spray.  I'd loved to get back out there tomorrow before the rain comes in and work on the flowerbeds. 

For the past few days, I've had a challenging time with Colton and his mood swings.  Finally on Friday, Doug suggested if it was his teeth.  I knew it couldn't have been his teeth because I'd kept my eyes on his little incisor that I'd been expecting.  Whell, Doug decided to take a feel and discovered something new.  I couldn't believe my ears, so I felt around in Colton's mouth and sure enough.  He had cut two premolars and the incisor all at once.  No wonder he was feeling so cranky.  He has a total of 10 teeth.  I was shocked because I don't think Katie cut her premolars until she was close to 2 years old. 

Colton is doing so well on regular whole milk from his sippy cups.  He went cold turkey from the bottles altogether.  The first couple of days was a little shaky, but we stuck to our guns and now he loves his new sippy cups.  He is eating everything in sight.  He tried chopped carrots yesterday, but he likes McDonald's Fries.  I let him try Katie's macaroni and cheese this past week and he loves it.  I'm going to have to go to Sam's Club and purchase a value pack of Velveta Macaroni and Cheese because that's all Katie eats and now Colton.

I received the party supplies the other day and have already started addressing envelopes.  I still haven't gotten Colton's gift because I'm not too sure what to get him.  I was excited a couple of weeks ago because Walmart had a sale on last year's baby pools and Slip & Slides.  I grabbed a pool for Colton and Slip & Slide w/glider for Katie.  Hopefully, they will like them once it gets warm enough to use them.


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Love the photos of them on the trampoline! So cute!