Sunday, October 24, 2010

What The Weekend Holds

I hope to find that you have had a wonderful weekend. Ours has been busy of course. Friday, daddy insisted that we go to Martin's to view their mega supply of Bama football accessories, apparel and other stuff. Oh my gosh! If I had to guess, I would say that half of this store's inventory was Bama stuff. I would also add that it was all reasonably priced. I knocked out a couple Christmas gifts. Woo Hoo! You just can't imagine the stuff.

My children will not stop growing long enough for us to replenish our bank account. I had to pass down the new Levi jeans that I bought Katie for this Fall. I made a mistake buying slim, but they fit her in September. Last week, they were tight across the thighs. You talk about sick. Colton is in between sizes 18 and 24 months. One piece outfits like jon jons or overalls, he has to wear a 24 month. Separates, he could wear a 24 month, but he has a little waistline. I had to take in a couple of his pants around the waist, so he can wear them. Ugh!

As soon as Katie got out of school Friday, we headed for Belk. They have their girls Levi's 4-6x $18.99. I think this is a great deal because Levi's are normally $30 something and they fit so much better on Katie than other jeans. This time I had her try on the jeans before I bought them. The 6 regular fit fine, but thinking of next month I thought it would be best to go with the 6x regulars. Thank goodness for adjustable waistlines. The length looks great on her. Her other jeans size 5 made her look like she was wadding in water, if you know what I mean. Belk has so many pretty dresses for church and sweet Christmas outfits. Peggy picked up the pink and red corduroy snowgirl pants set for her. Sooo cute! While we were there, we had to check out the sea of Nutcrackers. That's one of many things Katie and I love is looking at all the different styles of Nutcrackers. She absolutely loves them. I've started her a small collection. When she's older and still loves them the way she does now, I'll have to get her a real Nutcracker from the German store here in town called "A Touch of German." I've started a tradition with Katie. Around Christmas time, we go to the store and just look at all the Nutcrackers. They are beautiful and to watch her eyes light up makes it much more special for me.

Speaking of "The Nutcracker,"  Maryann, Katie and I went to Katie's Ballet School to pre-order our tickets for December.  Peggy, Mom, Whitney and Natalie are hopefully going with us.  This pre-order is suppose to guarantee us the best seat in the house.  While we were there, we got a sneak peek of some of our dancers practicing.  They've been hard at it, learning the performance since the beginning of the month.  I just hate it that Katie wasn't eligible to audition for a part.  One of her girlfriends from school was there practicing.  Katie wanted to know why she couldn't dance, if "A" got to dance.  Aww!  I felt bad for her, but had to explain that she had to be at least 6 years old to audition.  This wasn't Mrs. Elaine's rules it was the director of the Montgomery Ballet, which are the professionals that will be the main performers.  Us ballet moms and dads are hoping this performance will be a great success, so they will come back.  Maybe Katie will be able to audition for a spot then.  We are pretty excited to see it, especially because we know the young lady that will be playing "Clara."  If you live in the area and would be interested in purchasing tickets for this ballet, Ballet School will give you one more opportunity to pre-order tickets next Saturday, October 30th.

As you know, I bought a gingerbread Haunted House kit for Katie and I to put together.  I figured we would put it together next Saturday, but she has been aggravating me since I got the thing.  "When are we going to put together the Haunted House mom?"  "Are you ready to put together the Haunted House?"  "Mom, you promised we'd put together the house today!"  Ugh!!!!  Katie is so much like me IT SCARY!  She is so impatient and when she wants something done, she wants it done yesterday.  I know, I'm paying for my raising.  Or that's what my mother loves to bring up from time to time.   After church today, I finally gave in.  I haven't seen Katie move that quick.  By the time I turned around, she had on her apron and wanted me to tie it.  I had to give her the dreaded "we've got to prep our area first" speech.  She absolutely hates prep work, but it's got to be done.  My prep work means, clear off our work space, clean our work space, get all the utensils we need ready and within hands reach, mix up the ingredients that we'll need and have it at hands reach, pull back the hair and lastly WASH YOUR HANDS! 

Once prep time was finished, I pulled out the gingerbread house and placed it on the cake dome.  Katie picked out a picture that she wanted her haunted house to look like.  Maryann told me yesterday how she had fun putting together a gingerbread house with Natalie last year for Christmas.   I told her how much fun I had putting this house together when I spoke to her on the phone.  Ugh!  All she could do was giggle at me and remind me that I was dealing with a 5 year old, while Natalie was 19 years old at the time.  It's not like it was difficult or anything, it's just that Katie wanted me to finish as soon as I started, so she would put on all the candies.  She lost interest quickly when I told her she couldn't eat the icing or more importantly the house right away.  Of course, Colton was right there in the middle of it all.  He tried a time or two to snatch a few candied M&Ms.  Thank goodness Peggy and Millard came by to visit.  They were able to hold him off of my project for awhile.  It wasn't long before everyone headed outside for a little bit and here I was, by myself, to finish the bless'd haunted house.  I didn't take any pictures tonight because I want to get some dyed coconut to put around it for appearances.  I must warn you, it looks like I was drunk putting this thing together.  Katie kept moving the table, while I was piping in the windows and door.  Yeah, it's one silly, wacked out haunted house.  LOL!  But Katie really likes it and more importantly she wants to EAT IT.  I'm hoping to get her to hold off until next Friday or Saturday before she eats the house.  I also told Katie and Colton that they had better enjoy this haunted house because it will probably be my last for a long time.

Movie Review
Letters to Juliet - starring Amanda Seyfried and Chris Egan. Rated PG
Wow!  I absolutely love movies like this one.  Sweet romance that blooms overnight.  I don't want to give any of it away.  I thought it was a really good movie and of course I enjoyed getting to see the Italian landscapes, so beautiful.  I would recommend it to all romantics at heart.   By the way, Chris Egan "Charlie" isn't too bad to look at. ;)  The British accent is an added bonus.

The Backup Plan - starring Jennifer Lopez.  Rated PG-13
This is a definite Chick Flick!  I loved this movie, so funny.  You've got to see it! 

Prayer Request
Doug and I ran into one of our former co-workers this weekend.  Since the last time I saw "MJ," I found out he changed jobs, he and his lovely wife had two more children and they built a house.  When we saw him this weekend, he told us that he has been layed off and is having a tough time finding a job.  Man!  It absolutely kills me how the economy is still down the stinker.  I really wish it would pick up and everyone has their many opinions on how it got this way and what we need to do in order to change it.  Bottomline, so many good, honest citizens are losing their only means of income.  Thank the dear Lord above that MJ's wife still has her job, but with three small children and a huge mortgage, it's got to be hard.  I just ask you to please remember them along with so many millions of other people that are having a rough time right now finding work. 

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