Monday, January 31, 2011

The Latest Happenings

A stomach virus has been running rampant in these parts. I was so hoping that it would just skip right over us. No such luck. When Katie came home after school last Thursday, talking about how Sam got sick in the cafeteria, I just knew that we would be next. Sure as the world, Katie got sick Friday night into early Saturday morning. I have to say that it's a very aggressive virus. Poor baby, I didn't think she would ever get a break and it left her extremely weak by Saturday morning. Thankfully after a good rest, she was right back to her old self. She didn't like the fact that she was quarantined in her room for the rest of the day. We didn't want to risk Colton or anyone else getting sick. I knew I would come down with it because that's what moms do.

I kept Katie and Colton home from church yesterday because I didn't want to take any chances. I think the other mommas would have appreciated me for it. I know I would if it was my child being exposed. Katie was doing so well. You never would have known that she had been so sick. It was such a beautiful day Saturday and Sunday with temps in the upper 60s and lower 70s. We disinfected the whole house, but I was raised to air out your house. So, we turned off the heat pump and opened all the windows that we could. I love the smell of fresh air. I thought too it would do Katie and Colton good to get outside and breathe that fresh air and get some sunshine on them. They loved getting outside because it's been quite a while since we've had the chance to do so, with all the cold snaps. We thought we dodged a big bullet last night, the virus was out of the house with only one person getting sick. Peggy and Millard came over to see how Katie was feeling and spend some time with the kids. I made a big pot of spaghetti, side salad and toast. I think it was the first time Millard and Peggy ate ground turkey in the meat sauce, instead of hamburger. I think they kind of liked it or they were being nice getting seconds. Everything was good and as I was giving Katie her bath, something came over me like I knew I wasn't right. I finished getting Katie ready for bed and I warned Doug that I could be getting sick. Sometimes, I don't think Doug believes me when I tell him that I'm not right. He always starts the long list of questions. Bottomline, I just know these things and when I finally do get sick, I have to tell him "I told you that I wasn't right."

I got Colton laid down for the night and as I'm getting myself ready for a long night of unhappy times, I hear Colton in his room - sick. Ugh! I knew this was not going to be pretty. I finally came down sick and then I hear Katie getting sick. Ugh! This is not pretty for Doug. Bless his heart, I felt so bad for him. I'm trying to help Doug clean up Colton and it's not making things easier for me. Needless to say, we all got the blessid virus and are recovering today. I believe this was the worst stomach bug that I've gotten in a very long time. Oh my gosh!

Besides getting sick, this is what I've been up to. My mother will be celebrating her 74th birthday in the next few days. A few of us have reservations at a Chinese restaurant in honor of her big day. My mom loves Chinese and Mexican food, but she hardly ever gets to go to one of these restaurants with my dad because he is not a fan at all. So, the only time she gets a treat like this is if one of us girls take her. I think she'll enjoy. My sister convinced me to make mom a ruffled felt heart wreath as well for her birthday.  Do you remember my Heart Felt Wreath version?  I wasn't expecting to get sick, so I haven't gotten my material and supplies yet.  I've got to get on the stick.  I think she'd like one of these wreaths to hang on her door.

I've been catching up on my blogs that I follow.  I just love seeing other people's ideas and craftiness.  There are so many talented women out there.  I love Bakerella's website!  I'm always excited to see what new creation she has whipped up for us.  I had to share these sweet Valentine treat tags with you.  If you are not the cake pop connaisseur, I think these tags would look great on lollipops.  She has these tags for all occasions.  The pdf file is free to download. 

Click HERE for instructions and downloads.  Happy treats! 

I've been slowly reading my new book, "Roses" by Leila Meacham.  I'm currently at the point where Mary Toliver is remininscing of when her father passed away and all the events that followed.  This early in my reading, I have so many questions.

I'm still trying to work on Colton's birthday party decorations.  I've got some ideas for Colton's cake, but I still may have Walmart make it.  I ran out of scrapbook paper for my dot garlands.  I came across paper globes.  Have you seen these before?  I LOVE THEM!  I'm so hoping to be able to make them.  They seem fairly simple to make.  I was poking around in new blogs and discovered these paper globes.
The creator of this jewel is Heather Bailey.  I believe Heather used origami paper or scrapbook paper to create these globes.  To get her patterns and instructions, you'll have to click on her link, scroll down to the subtitle on the right side "Free Patterns".  It has a list of hot links to what type pattern you're interested in.  Click on "paper globes" and the pdf files will come up. Click the second pdf file from Heather.  I think she made a mistake on the first file because nothing comes up.  One of the blogs that I walked into, which I can't remember the name now.  Anywho, she made a bunch of these globes and hung them from her ceiling on her baby girl's first birthday.  I think that would be a grat idea for Colton's party.  Now, I've seen these paper globes made from colored paper plates before as well, I just don't remember where I've seen them. 
Doug brought home some movies to watch this weekend. 

This is such a nice family movie.  We all enjoyed watching it and I've always liked Diane Lane. 

Viewing the previews, I thought this movie would be just silly.  I love Steve Carrell.  I have to tell you that it was silly, but hilariously silly.  Doug and I laughed so hard.  It's a must see. 


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