Monday, May 21, 2007

Good To See Another Monday

Yes, there are still pictures of the horrific Katrina Storm circulating. Doug forwarded these to me and I thought I would share them with you. According to his message: These photos (at the beginning of the storm) were taken by a man from Magee, MS. Magee, MS is approximately 150 miles North of Waveland, MS, if you know where that is.

Yes, we made it through another weekend. Friday night, Millard and Peggy picked up Katie to spend the night with them. Doug and I didn't know what to do without Katie with us. We thought about going to the movies and I wanted to see the new "Shriek" movie. So, we ate at "Sweet Pepper" for supper. We both got the Club Sandwich, but I got fruit and Doug got potato salad. Their potato salad is a lot like German Potato Salad (served warm). I don't much care for German Potato Salad, but Doug likes it pretty good. We were stuffed! We headed to the movies and we started rethinking the whole movie thang, especially when the parking lot was FULL! The top movies being viewed was "Shriek the Third" and "Spiderman 3." Doug got us some movies that morning, so I suggested that we go home and watch those movies. I didn't have to see "Shriek" that bad. On the way home, we stopped by the GMC car lot and looked at few SUVs. We still have a little over a year before our car will be paid off and I've been complaining to Doug about what an inconvenience it was to go shopping with the truck. The third door (the way it opens) is very difficult for me to place my purchases in the back seat. Thankfully, he understands and we are hoping to put up with it for another year or two. However, we are shopping and getting ideas (what is best for us and what we need it for?). We both have been attracted to Yukons and Tahoes, but we're not fond of the gas mileage. We're not writing it off completely because this will be my vehicle, which means low mileage. I might fill the truck up with gas once every three or four weeks (this is how I inherited the truck in the first place). At the car lot, we were looking at the Yukons (getting price & MPG ideas). Then, we spotted a GMC Acadia. NOT BAD! We had one of the salesmen to come and open it up for us. One of our biggest concerns while shopping for a vehicle is the ROOM. With our long legs, we like lots of room in the back seat. We were pleasantly surprised how nice and roomy the Acadia was in the front and back seats. Get this it even has a third row of seats, just like a Yukon & Tahoe. I like that! You can fold the second and third seats down if you need the room and it has a neat little hide away compartment. The price and mileage was just right - Price: $29,000-$36,000 MPG: 18 miles in the city & 26 miles on the highway. If and when we get an Acadia, Doug wants the color white with leather seats. If your SUV shopping, you might want to check out the GMC Acadia.

Saturday, we went to my Class Reunion. I can't believe it's already been 15 years. I may have dreaded going to this reunion for the past few months, but in the overall it turned out better than I had expected. I did feel bad for Doug because he didn't know anyone, but I introduced everyone to him. It was good to see everyone and I appreciate the fact that all of us treated each other respectfully. We left the reunion and picked up Millard, Peggy & Katiebug to go out for Peggy's Birthday Dinner. She wanted to eat at Logan's Roadhouse, which I thought was a good choice. Millard & Peggy got their Chopped Hamburger Steak, Doug got the Prime Rib, Katie got Popcorn Shrimp & I got the Ribeye Steak. YUMMY! Peggy & I needed to get a couple of baby shower gifts, so we stopped by Parisians and I was surprised that they didn't really have what we were looking for.

At church Sunday, Katie had a blast in Sunday School. She loves going to the inside playground and she got to go twice. She was a mess, when we picked her up. Her hair bow was out and her hair was every where. Her dress and feet were dirty! What a sight?!? She jabbered all the way to the car from her class.

Today was party day! Jon was out of school for the Summer and Sue needed him to stay with me while she was at work. June dropped him off around 7:30 this morning. Bless his heart, he look exhausted! Whitney called me later on and asked if we were going to be home this afternoon. She wanted to come and spend the afternoon with us (she hates staying at home alone). Sure, the more the merrier! I had fun! I steamed some hot dogs, I like steamed dawgs. We had dawgs, chips, ice cream & cookies for lunch. Jon, Whitney & myself had a lot of catching up to do. As soon as Nicholas got out of school, he came over to join the fun. We vegged out and watched movies most of the day. Jon wanted to see "The Benchwarmers" & "Little Man." In a way, I wished I hadn't let him know we had "Little Man." Even though the movie doesn't show anything, it's a little too suggestive. Jon fell in love with our TiVo/Directv. He thought it was so cool! While Nick was here, he had to check out eBay. He seemed disappointed because he couldn't think of anything he needed. June came by after 4:00 to pick up Jon & visit. Sue was suppose to meet June & Nicholas at a local photographers to view some Senior pictures Nick & Leslie had done. Well, Jon left his wallet here, so Sue got to come by after all and visit a little bit. We hardly ever get to see Sue & Tim and the kids unless they are at June & Pat's house. So, it was nice to see her and Jon. Katie hated to see everyone leave at the end of the day. She had a ball with Jon, Nick, "Whibby" (Whitney) and of course, June. We will have to do it again! I told Whitney, we'll have to make this a weekly thing. She agreed as she was giggling and told me until she could find a part time job.

Parent Awareness Alert!
I wanted to make you aware of a document Doug forwarded to me about a new form of Crystal Meth. Some of you may already be aware because this message has been circulating for the past few months. There is a candymeth similar to Pop Rocks Candy thats being given to our children. This message was checked out by Snopes and is very true. I've attached a picture of this candymeth at this top of this blog. Here's the article from Please be aware and pass along the information.

American Idol
I have to say, I was very disappointed Melinda was voted off last week. I think she is very talented, but I feel there were a few very talented people voted off. So, who will it be Jordin or Blake? Such a hard decision. I like the rap thing, but I like Jordin's style of singing much better than Blake.

McDonald's - Shriek Happy Meals
Have you been collecting the Shriek Happy Meals? They are so cute! Everyone of them talk and there are a total of 8 in the collection. My favorite thus far is Shriek & Donkey. Katie favors them as well. So far, we have Shriek, Donkey, Gingy, Prince Charming & Puss in Boots. We ended up with a second Donkey, so Daddy insisted he take it with him to work and put it on his computer. It's funny how we are all young at heart.

The next Happy Meal toys after Shriek is from the new upcoming movie "Surfs Up." Watch for it!
Memorial Day Celebration
Our Flag
There are many flags in many lands,
There are flags of every hue;
But there is no flag, however grand,
Like our own Red, White, and Blue.
~Mary Howliston~
Take care of each other and God Bless You!

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