Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol - Final Night!

The winner of 2007 American Idol is - JORDIN SPARKS! Wow! What a night on American Idol? I believe it was one of the best American Idol Finales ever. I'm so glad Jordin ended up being the winner of the competition. I think she is the youngest winner yet, if I'm not mistaken. She has a great voice. It was great seeing most of he past American Idol winners perform. I think they did a great job. I liked the duet between Reuben & Jordin. Have you heard the new song, Jordin will singing on tour? Isn't it pretty? Like Simon, I felt Jordin was able to pull it off better than Blake because he is more hip hop/rap than slow sappy. I think they both did a great job and I know they will do great down the road. Did you guys see CeCe Winans (I think that how you spell her last name)? Laura - remember seeing her at the Women of Faith Conference? We've probably seen Melinda singing back up for CeCe and didn't know it. By the way, check out Chris' eye makeup. I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for Rick & Bubba pointing it out on their show. Doug came home and asked me about it. Now that I see his picture, I can see a little eyeliner.

I have a funny Katie story to tell. We are trying the potty training thing with Katie, but no stress. If she doesn't feel like it that day, that's fine. No problem! Hoping to entice her to want to go potty, we recently purchased one of those donut looking potty seat, you set on the lid of your standard toilet. I've noticed Alise has one of these in her home, this actually encouraged me to purchase one. Well from time to time, Katie will tell me she wants to go potty. Yesterday was one of those days. The only difference is she actually pee-peed in the toilet. Her eyes lite up, along with mine. Oh, I made it such a big deal. We clapped, sang and cheered. I took her to her room and explained she could now put a sticker on her board because she went to the potty. Then, we had to call Daddy at work and let him know what had just happened. She was so excited. I thought we could go a little further with this celebration. So, I suggested we put on a pull up and wear our Dora panties on top of the pull up. Oh, she was so excited! "I wear Dorie panties!" she said. Every hour (past 4 hours), I would tell her we needed to go potty before we pee-peed in our pretty panties. Nope, didn't work! That was it for the potty training day. How she quits so easily. Today, she was straining as if she was pooh-poohing. I asked her if that is what she was doing. Normally, she would tell me - NO! This time, she agreed that she had to pooh-pooh. I told her we needed to go change our diaper when she was done. I picked her up and headed to her bedroom to change her. When we got to the bathroom door, "I pooh-pooh in potty." she said. I didn't understand what she was saying at first, so I agreed and got to her room. Aggravated at me by that time, she said it again but with exasperation in her face. Okay! I thought I could empty her poopy diaper in the toilet to where she could see it and know where it goes next time. I started out trying to be clean and mess free about the whole poopy situation. It didn't end up that way. She was excited to sit on the toilet with her poopy floating underneath her. Every few seconds, she would remind me the poopy was in the toilet. Unlike Alise, she doesn't like me leaving the room (she comes looking for me), so I made myself comfortable on the edge of the tub until she was finished. Not thinking about the poop, I helped Katie slide off the toilet. Spreading poop over her donut and toilet lid. Yuck! Thinking, what have I done, Katie noticed the poop. I was trying to teach her to bend over, so I could wipe her bottom. I was having a difficult time because she was intrigued in the poop on the seat. Ugh!!!!! I had a terrible time keeping her little hands away from the toilet seat and still wiping her bottom. I lost it when she finally touched the poop. Yuck!!!!! Why does she have to be so curious about her bodily functions. Before it was over, I had her striped and washing everything. What a mess?!? I finally got her wiped up and back on the changing table ready to put another diaper on her. Here she goes putting her hand in her butt crack. Yuck!!!!! "Stop that!" I said. She just laughed, as if she knew all of this was getting next to me. I got the diaper on and we headed back to the bathroom to wash our hands for the fifth time.

Entertainment Update
Have you seen the clash on "The View" between Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Wow! No matter if you personally like Rosie or not, she is really digging herself a hole on this show. From what I understand, Rosie is doing all of this (personal attacks to others - Trump, Pres. Bush, Iraq War & now Elisabeth) deliberately because she is tired of being on this show and sharing the spotlight with other women with opinions (some different opinions). Personally, I don't agree with Rosie on a lot of moral and political issues. However, I do think she is a good actress. Sometimes, I wished celebs would keep issues like morals to the priests/pastors and politics to the politicians, such as Leo DiCaprio. He is cute and I like his acting, but the whole greenpeace issue is getting on my nerves. I understand everyone has an opinion, including myself, but I necessarily don't want to know what my favorite actor thinks.

Have you seen Criss Angel? Do you know who he is? He is an illusionist and I've seen him before on TV. He freaks me out! Despite the name "Criss (Awful close to Christ) Angel, it's as if he made a deal with the devil. I don't know, but there's something about him I don't like and I don't want to find out. Guess what? Cameron Diaz has been spotted hanging with him. Can you believe that? She seems so cute and sweet. Why does she like the bad boys? What happened with Timberlake?

Another one of my favorites is making a come back on TV. On June 4th, "Hell's Kitchen" is back on Fox Channel! Doug and I love this show. I don't know why, but we find it funny! Yes, we have a sick and twisted mind.

Memorial Day
"Your silent tents of green We deck with fragrant flowers; Yours has the suffering been, The memory shall be ours."--Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Take care and God Bless!

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Laura said...

Chris Daughtry can wear all the eyeliner he wants! His CD is GREAT! I hate that I missed him! I didn't watch the finale tonight. Katie's poopy story cracked me up!!!