Thursday, May 24, 2007

Isn't Life Great?!?
Can anyone tell me what the heck Ozzy is say? Check it out!

Doug is working on school projects - he has to write a paper, I can hear Katie playing in her bed, while I'm in bed watching RV and blogging. Isn't life great? Have you ever seen the movie RV with Robin Williams? If you haven't seen it, you've got to watch it as soon as possible. Funny!

I've always had a terrible time keeping my cat groomed and I wanted to wait a little longer before I took her to the groomers to get her Summer cut. So while I was at WalMart, I got these special grooming tools for tangles & thinning my pets hair. When we got home, I put Katie to bed for her 2 1/2 hour nap and I thought I would try out the grooming tools. Poor Sassy! You have to understand, she is approximately 14 years old and has arthritis bad in her back legs. The tools worked pretty good. I'm sure they would have worked better if I wasn't trying to be so careful with Sassy. She is VERY sensitive in a few areas (old age), so she can get a little mad at me. This is one of the very reason why I hate grooming Sassy and why I have so much trouble grooming her. After 1 1/2 hours, I quit for the day and hopefully I will pick up tomorrow where I left off. Needless to say, she looks as if a wild weedeater got loose on her. I'm sure her groomer will be able to work with her a little better and make her look pretty again.

Since I didn't get into bed last night until 2:00 a.m. this morning due to blogging and working on my many projects, I decided to sleep in this morning until 8:00 when Katie woke me up ready to go. I went to wash a load of clothes, start where I had left off from the day before, and I was out of Tide. Ugh!!!! I wanted to stay home and do the little odd jobs that I keep putting on the back burner. But no, I needed to go to WalMart. I got Katie occupied with Little Einsteins and her milk as I got a shower. I like to leave the bathroom door open in case of an emergency and Katie needed to get to me. Well it didn't last long at all. Before long she was in the bathroom with me, trying for best to get in the tub with me. Ugh!!!!! Here I had her dressed and hair fixed for the day and she's getting all wet. First, she felt that I needed the company of all of tub toys. Secondly, As I'm stumbling over the toys trying to wash the soap out of the eyes, she's pulling the curtain back to see what I'm doing. "What doing, Mommie?" she asked. If she asked it once, she asked it a million times. As I'm trying to shave my legs - "What doing, Mommie?" she asked again. I told her, "I'm shaving my legs, baby girl." "Okay, Mommie!" she said. This is her new saying: "Okay, Mommie." If you tell her or ask her something, she'll respond with "Okay, Mommie." Isn't it cute? Apparently, I say Okay a lot because she likes to say it a lot as well. Even though Katie's hair got wet and her clothes a little damp, I just let her air dry. Oh by the way, I weighed Katie today and according to our scales, she weighs 24 lbs. Isn't that great? We knew she felt a little heavier. It must be all the cheese, cheese puffs, fries & McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. Speaking of McDonald's, yesterday she got a baby Shrek in her Happy Meal. It is so cute and Katie just loves it. She calls it Baby Shrek.

I spoke to Liz today and she is doing good. They are getting a computer next week, I think. She is so excited to get out on the web once again. She said it's been 5 years since they had access to the Internet at home. She has been going to the Library, if she needed to get on the Internet. Of course, I informed her of Photosite (since they have a digital camera) and Google Blogging. She seemed interested and appreciated the advice.

Attention Computer Geeks:
Doug just told me that Dell announced today, they will be selling their computers at WalMart now. He doesn't know if they will be limited at WalMart.

Memorial Day Poem
Unlearned Lesson
Memorial DayOf every year
The little valiant
Flags appear
On every fallen
Soldier's grave--Symbol of what
Each died to save.
And we who see
And still have breath--Are we no wiser
For their death?
~Dorothy Brown Thompson~

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