Friday, May 25, 2007

Catching up on the latest

HGTV has a new sweepstakes going on right now. You can enter daily from May 14-June 13 and have a chance to win $100,000, plus a trip for two to Hawaii.

I can't believe it's Memorial Day weekend already. We don't have much planned at all. Sunday, we are having a cook out here for Doug's Mom & Dad because she has to work on Monday. We were invited to go to June & Pat's house on Monday for supper. I clipped out a recipe from our local newspaper. They had a special section for the Memorial Day weekend. It was submitted by someone we know (he owns an outdoors store & cooks out on his grill lots during the Summer). It is a different approach to grilling chicken. Basically, he says to take a whole fryer; rub it down with olive oil; coat it with your favorite seasoning; place it on a chicken rack (drunkn' chicken); close the neck cavity up with a sausage; place a half full beverage can (pour a little bit more seasoning inside the can)on the other end of the cavity and place the chicken rack on your gas grill and cook for 1.5 hours. It sounds good. I can't wait to try it out.

While your outside enjoying the long holiday weekend, you might encounter bug bites. Better Homes and Gardens give us a simple remedy for these unwanted bites. They suggest Lavender to ease the itching bite.

For a Single Bite
Place one drop of lavender oil directly on the bite.

For Multiple Bites
*Make a blend of 1 cup cider vinegar, or the juice of two lemons, mixed with 10 drops lavender oil and 5 drops thyme essential oil.
*Add the mixture to a tub of water.
*Swish it around before you or your child gets in.
*Soak a washcloth or sponge and liberally wipe down the bites.
*Keep the water away from eyes.

Tonight is the opening night of the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. Did you stand in line to see it? I would like to see it just not right now. I guess I'm getting old because I don't want to face the crowd. I'm spoiled with renting DVDs and watching them in the privacy of my own home.

Memorial Day
"Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down his life for his friends."~John 15:13~

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend! Take care of each other and God Bless You!

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