Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What A Day?

Katie woke up about 5 am this morning. Her diaper had exploded, making her wet and her bed. So I was up cleaning her up, changing clothes and her bed (washing a load). This would make the 3rd or 4th time her diapers have exploded. I even made sure I changed her before she went to bed, but it still happens. Doug and I felt it was time to move up to a size 4, even though she weighs a little over 22 lbs.

We were gone most of the day. We headed to Hobby Lobby in hopes to find a couple of medium size baskets with handles for the Decoration Day flower arrangements. No such luck! What has happened? Don't people buy baskets anymore. I use to use them all the time for gift, I guess they are being faded out and replaced by lined basket organizers. What's with this luggage looking organizers? They had plenty of them in stock and I don't understand them. The only purpose would be for decor. I did get a couple of frames for gifts and some Spanish Moss for the Decoration flowers. We headed back to our home town and went to a local store that sells a lot of odds and ends. I did find a couple of baskets that hopefully will work. By the time we got to WalMart, we were about exhausted. Katie has learned to stand in the seat part of the buggy, while strapped in the seat. Every time I would say "sit," she would finish my sentence by saying "down." It was packed with people in WalMart, like every other day. So, it is nice to move your buggy over and let the person coming from the opposite side come through. Right? Well, every time I did, it was code to Katie to start snatching anything and everything off the shelves. At one time she grabbed a "glass" jar of pickles. Ugh!!!!!! What am I going to do with her? By the time we got home, I was exhausted. I let her play outside while I put the refrigerator & freezer groceries up. I wanted a nap so bad, you just can't imagine. I got Katie (after playing outside for 15 minutes) kicking and screaming into the house, washed her up and laid her down for a nap. YES! I got to take a 30 minute nap before I had to get Supper started. Power naps are great!

American Idol
I really liked tonight's competition. It was probably the best this whole season. Do you know why? JON BON JOVI!!!! Need I say anything more. Put aside how drop dead gorgeous, he is so talented and HOT! I wasn't turned on to Blake's Hip Hop version to JBJ song. I can't remember what the name of the song. Doug and I just looked at each other with our mouths down on the ground. I'm sure a lot of people liked the new Hip Hop twist to Jon's song, but not us. Sorry, Blake! I liked LaKisha and Jordin's performance. Doug went on and on about Phil's performance. I didn't much care for his performance, but Doug liked it. I think Chris Richardson and Blake will be voted off this time. Just my opinion.

Mother's Day
In dedication to our Moms, I've come across a website with trivia and poems of Mother's Day. I would like to share these poems with you. The poem below really touched me. I think it's beautiful and I hope that one day my life might be a positive example for my children.

Wonderful Mother

God made a wonderful mother,
A mother who never grows old;
He made her smile of the sunshine,
And He moulded her heart of pure gold;
In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,
In her cheeks fair roses you see;
God made a wonderful mother,
And He gave that dear mother to me.
- Pat O'Reilly
Take care of one another and God Bless!

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