Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is It Friday yet?

Yesterday, we buried my Uncle Elmer. I felt so bad for my Dad. Like I told you before, Elmer and he were pretty close. Plus, Dad and Mom both have been rolling around thoughts in their head that they are next to be put in the grave. What do you say about things like that? I've tried to be positive and reassure them they have a long life ahead and if it is the Lord's will they go home, there's nothing you can do or say to make it change. I've tried to cheer Dad up by telling him Elmer doesn't have to carry around that oxygen tank anymore and that I'm sure he went running to greet Aunt Jean (Dad's sister). I got a little smile on his face after saying those things, but I know it was still hard on him. Please remember him and Elmer's children in your prayers. At the funeral, there was this one girl really crying her eyes out (uncontrollable). Later, I found out it was my cousin's daughter-in-law. She was a complete wreck.

Today, Whitney & Natalie kept Katie for me for a couple of hours. I had a dentist appointment for a regular check up. I've had my wisdom teeth now for 14-15 years. I've tried my best to take care of them so they wouldn't have to come out. Well, today the dentist found a cavity on the back of my top right wisdom tooth. Yuck! After talking with the Hygienist and Dentist, I decided it was time to say goodbye to all 4 of my wisdom teeth. He referred me to an oral surgeon Dr. Robson here in town. Dr. Neilson said my wisdom teeth look great and the roots are in excellent condition, so there shouldn't be any problems having them pulled out. Will this mean I won't be wise anymore? tehe! Just kidding! I don't remember being wise when I did have my wisdom teeth. Why do they call them wisdom teeth in the first place? I hope they will be able to do this procedure before Katie's party. I would hate to be sick or uncomfortable during Katie's big day.

Speaking of party. I kind of wish I never said I would let Katie pick out what kind of birthday party she would have. At Party City, she liked "Finding Nemo" and the inflatable monkey, she found hanging from the ceiling. I received a Birthday Express magazine in the mail the other day. I really liked the "Disney Fairytale Princess" and "Little Mermaid" themes and Katie seemed to really like them as well (she wouldn't let me have the magazine back). Oh, but then she found "Shrek" and "Disney Cars." Letting her see them was a big mistake. Just as grown up sounding as she could, she let me know she wants a "Shrek" party. She got aggravated at me when I tried to explain to her she didn't want a "Shrek" party. It's more of a boy party, then Doug came to her rescue - If she wants a "Shrek" party, let her have a "Shrek" party. I ask you, how can I pretty up Shrek? Lime green doesn't seem to go with pink very well. I'm hoping to get Katie back into Party City SOON and help steer her in a better path for a birthday party. I found a monkey theme with hibiscus flowers. It's pretty cute! The Monkey theme party is pictured above. I thought Party City sold it, but in fact it is Toys R Us. You can not imagine how many party supply stores I've visited their website, liking for ideas. Hopefully, their will be a theme both Katie and I will agree on and get this show on the road.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. The wildfires in GA & FL really smoked us out this past weekend. I believe it was worse yesterday with the smoke smell and overcast. We are still hoping for rain. There were spot showers early this morning, but I don't think any made it their way around here. There is an ocean disturbance so maybe we will get some rain from it - not saying it will develop into a hurricane. We just need some rain bad!

Take care of each other and God Bless You!

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