Wednesday, October 3, 2007


As most of you may know, we are expecting a baby. I will spare you with full details, but a couple of weeks ago I felt pretty yucking, crampy & sick at my stomach. I just dismissed it because I've been under a little bit of stress and worry about my Mother. I knew my monthly was expected at any time, so I figured that was the problem. Well last week, the symptoms were still happening and I began to worry a little bit. Believe me, pregnancy was the furthest from my mind. My body has been out of whack since May-June. After awhile my mind began to wander. Is there something seriously wrong with me? Do I have cancer? What could be wrong with me? The whole time I was thinking the worst, Dr. Doug continued to tell me that we were pregnant. I was so emotional that I would go to bed at night crying and praying to God. Saturday night while I was praying, God sent this calming, "at peace," feeling over me and I knew right then everything was going to be alright. I still didn't know what was wrong, but God was in control. As soon as I got up Sunday morning, I made up my mind to get a test after church. I guess it was around 1:30 when I took the test. Immediately, the test showed the pregnancy symbol. Wow! I couldn't get over it. I was in a state of shock. All I could do was start laughing and cried. I continued to watch over the test the rest of the day, to make sure it doesn't change during the day. Isn't that funny! I did the same thing when we were pregnant with Katie. Dr. Doug thinks I'm pregnant because of the large amounts of Tomato Juice he has been drinking every day since around April or May. I wasn't aware until this past Sunday that Tomato Juice has a large percent of Vitamin C (120%) in a 2 quart jar. I would say that Doug drinks half a jar a day. We could probably sell this method to the A.R.T. Program. Do you think we could get a large sum of money for selling this method? Nah, me neither. tehe!

Even though this pregnancy was a complete surprise, Doug and I had hoped God would answer our prayer to have the opportunity to have another child. I just didn't know He would have answered our prayer so quickly, since it took us three years to receive Katie. I feel like I'm on top of the world. I don't deserve having these precious children in my life, but I thank God for giving me the opportunity to raise these children in a Christian home. Please pray for us that we might bring these children up the way God would want them. Thanks!

I went to the doctor Tuesday to confirm the pregnancy and to undergo my annual exam. My blood work was good and I am very pregnant. The big question is "how pregnant am I?" During my exam, Dr. Keller seem to think I might be close to 10 weeks, but it was a guess. Friday, we are scheduled for an ultrasound to see if it will tell us more. I requested to be put on Progesterone caplets because I was on them while I was pregnant with Katie. Dr. Keller thought it would be a good idea and had no problem giving me a prescription.

I'm doing pretty good. The cramping is gone, but I'm getting use to the heavy stomach now. I've felt a little yucky, but nothing like it was with Katie. I've noticed my stomach gets heavy and yucky feeling late at night. I get very uncomfortable in bed during the night. I can't sleep on my stomach and my abdomen feels like it's pulling away from the rest of my body, if I lay on my back. Poor Doug, the wall of pillows have returned to our bed once again.

My Mom did get another professional opinion about her back/leg problem. She went to another Neurosurgeon and he seemed to think that she has a nerve problem in her back causing her not to walk. She had an MRI done last week and went through an electrode procedure yesterday. Both the MRI and electrode procedure indicate, she had an inflamed/infected nerve in the F4 or F5 (can't remember) in her vertebrae. The plan is she will go to the pain clinic and have a shot of cortisone put in her back to help with the pain and let the vertebrae heal. The doctor seems to think this will do the trick. Thank you for all the prayers for my Mom, I know she appreciates them. Please continue to pray that this procedure will do the trick and she will be back on her feet.

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WOO HOO!!! Another baby! Good job you guys! haha.