Saturday, April 25, 2009

Colton is 4 Weeks Old

Colton's birthday isn't until Monday, but I wanted to celebrate his 4 weeks of life. He has gotten so big and HEAVY. He wants to stay awake a little longer now and he is so alert. Of course, I'm sounding like a proud momma. He is so sweet! He is comfortable when he is swaddled up in a blanket with just his hands left out and he loves for you to rock him, like Katie when she was little. He loves to cuddle up next to you like his big sister. As you can see, he still has a lot of his blonde hair; however, I've been seeing a hair or two left in his bed or blanket. Boo Hoo! On a positive note, I believe Katie lost all of her hair by this age. She was born with a head full of pretty black hair. Now, she has brownish red hair with blonde highlights.

Katie looked so darn cute in her new mermaid sundress and mermaid flip flops. She asked to have her picture taken in her favorite dress. I have to say that the pictures turned out really good.

. . . more pictures are available on our photosite.

Shawn, Anthony, Ty & Trey came by to visit us last night. I think the kids had a blast playing in Katie's room. I know Katie enjoyed having friends over to play with. It was kind of funny. Anthony was afraid that the boys would get too rough with Katie and I was afraid Katie would be too rough with Trey & Ty. They played so good together and Katie hated to see them leave. She may be a little prissy, but she can turn into a tomboy when it's necessary. Ha! We haven't seen Shawn and Anthony since Christmas and even then, we don't get to really visit. So, it was good to catch up with them. Below is a picture of the blanket Shawn made for Colton. It's so pretty!


thekeyes said...

i love his outfit in these pictures.. that is so cute. lol

The Thorsrud Family said...

Colton is so adorable! He looks older than he is. Katie looks beautiful :o) Sounds like you guys are adjusting just fine. I wish I could see Colton this summer :0( Take care and we love you.

Anonymous said...

a month old already---I can't believe it! WOW!!!
He is a handsome little guy--really melts my heart.

Colton's blanket is beautiful--look so warm and cozy.

How is your princess handling having a new baby in the family? She looks so pretty in her bows!!!