Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Colton Takes A Bath

I just got through giving Colton a bath and Doug was nice enough to take a few pictures for me. I wasn't able to take pictures of his first bath, which he didn't like at all. I don't think he cried as hard as his first bath, but he still doesn't like them very well. I remember Katie was the same way, but now she thinks she's a mermaid when she's in the tub. LOL!

I thought it was so sweet. I had just put Colton down in his vibrating chair, which he loves. When I came back through to sit down in the recliner, I saw Colton sucking his thumb and I had to get a picture of it. I noticed him sucking his thumb when he was 2 days old and in the hospital. Katie never sucked her thumb, but she wasn't much of an eater either. Right now, I think it's sweet, but hopefully he'll grow out of it.

Before the big rains last week, Doug went out and took pictures of our azaleas. I think they did great this year and I hadn't even fertilized them yet.

Political Report
I finally received a response from my State Senators this past week. A few weeks ago, Glenn Beck had a list of states that didn't have earmarks in the stimulus package. I was so disappointed in not seeing my beloved state on this list. I immediately wrote to both of my Congressmen. Jeff Sessions responded basically saying he wasn't responsible for the earmarks and in fact he voted against the stimulus package. The letter from my other Congressman, Richard Shelby was however very disturbing. As I was reading this letter from Senator Shelby, I became so shocked and amazed as to what I was reading. I began asking myself "is this the same person that I saw on national television stating that he was against the stimulus package?" What's going on? I had great respect for this man, up until I finished reading his response to my question. He added several earmarks into the stimulus package for the State of Alabama. Whose to say that it was his call to make this decision? In fact, I told him in my initiate message that our actions come with great consequences. He stated in his letter that he wouldn't apologize for the earmarks that he decided to put in this package. In fact, he said people are confusing earmarks for wasteful spending. Excuse me, WHAT? I never really considered myself as a unintelligent person, but maybe I am. He added that if Alabama didn't get the Federal Funding, it would have gone to another state. As a resident of The State of Alabama, I must apologize to all you taxpayers out there for my Congressman Richard Shelby's mistakes. It's obvious he got ate up with selfishness and a little less selflessness. He didn't realize what he did not only affects me, my children, the residents of this great state, but also those of you who live outside of Alabama. Senator Shelby was generous enough to give me a list of earmarks and dollar amount as to what we are going to be paying for for the rest of our lives because of Federal Funding. Here's the list:

  1. South Alabama Cancer Center - receiving $43 million

  2. Alabama Port Authority - receiving $60 million

  3. University of Alabama, UAH, UAB, The University of South Alabama, Auburn University, & Alabama State University - receiving $500 million (approx.)

    1. "for building state-of-the-art facilities to expand their science, math, engineering, & biomedical programs. To stay competitive, our Alabama universities must have the facilities to educate students." Senator Shelby feels this is a "smart way for Alabama to secure high-quality, non-exportable jobs, while securing the United States' competitive edge in the global economy."

    Well, I hope he's correct because it sounds like a lot of pet projects that he decided to throw in the ring because he may not be able to accomplish these earmarks next year or next term.

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    Laura said...

    Colton looks like the sweetest baby, evah! And my heart just breaks for Katie! that's why I've never wanted to have another baby, I guess. I never wanted Alise to feel that way or for myself feeling guilty for sharing her.