Friday, April 17, 2009


Like my title says: "Thank God It's Friday!" As you know, this past week was my first full week by myself with two children. You talk about some major adjusting on my part, but it's Friday and I actually made it with minimal meltdowns. Doug has really helped me out at night with Katie. I expected this week to be a little rough for me, but it wasn't as bad as I first expected. Sure, I've gone with only 4-5 hours of sleep a few nights, but it should be getting a little better in the next week or so. Katie did miss her mom though, but she's going to have to learn that we have to take turns. At times when I'm not spending most of my time with Colton, I try to do something with her and make her feel special. Bottomline, it's just going to take time and a lot of adjusting with our new big family. Katie still loves her little brother very much. She is always so happy to see him every morning. She has to hug and kiss on him. Then, she has to do her daily exam of all of his fingers, toes, ears and nose. I think it's cute. She tells me how little they are and how cute he is.

Today was Doug's usual Friday off. Wow! What a relief? After feeding Colton this morning, Doug suggested that we (Colton & I) go back to bed. He would watch Katie, while we slept. Oh, I felt so rested when I got up from our nap. It's amazing what a couple of extra hours of sleep will do for a person. I actually felt human. Dad and mom came by to visit for a little while. Mom felt bad about my trying week, but I assured her that it was going to happen sooner or later. I'm just hoping it will get better from here.

Doug took our hell damaged car by Burgess for an estimate. Wow! They are not only going to have to replace the hood and trunk, but a new paint job as well. I wasn't expecting that at all. On top of that, we will be with out our car for 2 weeks. What? I'm hoping our insurance company will allow us to get a rental car, while ours is in shop.

Katie has been cooped up in our house all week. She got to the point of tearing down our walls this afternoon. It was nice outside (73 degrees), but the wind was cool. Katie had been begging to go outside for the past few days and today was no different. I finally decided to get her out of the house before she tore the wallpaper off the walls. LOL! I wrapped Colton up in a blanket and outside we went. It's too bad it wasn't that warm all day. It would have been a perfect day to get out and do some yard work. Doug mowed the back yard, while Katie played in the sand, sidewalk chalk and blew bubbles.

Later, we received a surprise phone call from Ryan. He had a few days off from work and didn't want to just sit around his place in Durham. So, he decided late last night to drive home. He said Kacey (his girlfriend) went home to PA for the big Penn State game. Ryan made plans with dad to do a little fishing next week. He seemed a little surprised how big Colton was, it was his first time seeing him. Ryan updated us on his upcoming schooling and career plans. It sounds like he has everything mapped out. Oh, he had to show Doug his new iPhone. Thanks Ryan! Doug kept going on about how nice it was and I know Doug would love to have one. The price is the only thing keeping him from purchasing one.

For the past week, Doug and Katie have been taking care of our neighbor's pets (birds, fish, and rabbit). Doug had me contact Ms. Evelyn about her fish's water because it was looking pretty murky. She was trying to explain to me in full detail on how you treat the water. I was afraid that I would miss a step and tell Doug wrong, so I had her talk with him. Apparently, Evelyn forgot to tell Doug to use room temperature tap water. Well, Doug and Katie went to feed the animals when I noticed that he forgot to take her mail over. Colton and I grabbed the mail and headed over there. When I walked in her house, Doug had this look on his face like he really messed up. I asked what was wrong. With this sick look, he said "I hope I didn't just kill her fish." He said he didn't think about the water temperature and treated the water with cold water. The fish were swimming around in cold water. Oh me! He said she didn't tell him what temperature. Of course, this made me feel bad because she told me. In my defense, I did tell her to tell him what she just told me about how to treat the water. I assumed she told him everything, but apparently she forgot that piece of information. Doug was so worried, he went back over there a little later tonight to make sure the fish were still alive. Thankfully, they were. I told him that if the fish did die, we would replace them. I don't know about him, but I get so nervous taking care of someone else's animals while they are gone. I don't mind feeding them, I just fear they will die on my watch. I've taken care of Evelyn's fish before and I was so nervous. Was I feeding the fish enough or too much? Did I need to change out the water? Hoping and praying the fish wouldn't die on my watch. You get a sense of relief when the owner gets back and their animals are still kicking. I'm sure Doug will feel the same way when Evelyn returns this weekend.

Blogging Information
I was going to report on a piece of interesting information that I saw on the news this morning. The only thing is I couldn't find an article online about it, to share with you. I promise you, I didn't dream it. The news was about people who blog about their favorite products. You know us moms, we are going to share helpful information about different products, we've encountered. Well, there may be a new law out that if you are caught blogging about a specific product (promoting it), you could be sued. If you know more information or have heard about this, please leave me a comment. I would love to do a follow up on this story. I'm all against this law and think it is really stupid. I just wanted to pass this information along to you.

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Allison said...

Hey Mirya! I've tried calling a couple of times, but if you don't answer after the third ring I try to hang up because I don't want to disturb if you guys are sleeping or anything. I'll try to catch you this week!
Don't worry it does get easier, but it is a real balancing act at times. Travis has to help me out still with laundry. I never knew 4 people made so much laundry!
Thanks for the tip on the blogging I haven't heard about that yet, but I'm going to start checking into it.
Let me know if you need anything, we have two cars now so I'm much more mobile!
Hope all is well.