Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday - Katie Story

I took a risk and spoke with Katie about why we observe Good Friday. How do you explain Christ Crucifixion to a 3 year old to where they can understand? Luckily with Katie's large imagination, she was able to make it much easier for me than I first expected. I explained to her that Jesus had to die in order to save us from Satan. Well she knows the stories about baby Jesus, but no clue as to who "Satan" was. Due to some of the movies Katie watches, she knows the difference between good and evil (bad). I told her about Satan being a bad angel that didn't like Jesus and how he wants to hurt all of us because Jesus loves us. Well, she was intrigued and wanted to know more. Right off the bat, she wanted to know where baby Jesus was at. I explained that he lived far far away and we couldn't see him right now. I told her that he lived in heaven and Satan lived in hell. She asked, "does Jesus live in a castle?" I agreed and that the castle was in heaven. She asked, "can we go there?" I told her some day we will be able to go there, see Jesus, dance and sing with all the good angels. Oh, she liked that idea. I went as far as to tell her that Jesus has a castle waiting just for her, when we get to heaven. Her eyes lit up. She couldn't hardly believe it. Some thing was still puzzling her. "Does Satan live in a castle too?" she asked puzzled. "No" I replied. How do you explain hell to a 3 year old? I told her that Satan lived in a cave filled with fire. You should have seen her face. "You don't want to live in hell because Satan doesn't like us and he will burn and hurt us" I informed her. She agreed with me this time. "Yeah, because he will hurt us. I want to go to Jesus' castle" she confirmed.

I know we're a little late when it comes to decorating for Easter, but I had to decorate a little just for Katie. I didn't get out everything from my Easter box. Katie was so excited. I'd hand her something to put out and I let her set it where ever she wanted it. I think she had fun. She was confused about the Easter baskets. As soon as I explained to her that we have to decorate our baskets for the Easter bunny, she was all for that idea. Of course, there are so many things (stuffed bunnies, peeps, plastic eggs and small carrots) in Katie's basket, there may not be much room for the Easter bunny to place her gifts and candy. She couldn't understand what we were doing with so many plastic Easter eggs. I took one of my bigger baskets and we put the eggs in it. "This basket is for the Easter bunny. He will take the eggs and hide them for us." I explained to her. We are all ready for Easter.

Colton Update
Baby Colton is doing good. He eats an average of 3 ounces every 2-3 hours. There are times when he has to eat a little more than 3 ounces. Last night, he ate close to an hour at one time and had to eat again 2 hours later. What can I say? He's a growing boy. Poor baby has had to deal with a little gas. I've been keeping gas relief medicine down him because it seems to be helping somewhat. Other than us helping him gas relief, he is such a sweet baby. He loves to be held and talked to. He may not see us real good right now, but he loves to hear your voice. He gets lots of hugs and kisses from big sister on a daily basis. Katie tells us "he sure does cry a lot". When he cries (hungry or gas), she'll ask if he is alright. I guess she thinks every time he cries that it means he's hurt. She feels like she has to protect him. I guess it's the big sister in her.

First Day Alone With Kids
Doug went back to work yesterday and I had the kids to myself for the first time. I teased him saying that he was glad to go back to work and get away from us for awhile. Ha! He came home with a bag of diapers and a cake. He said his cube mates gave it to him yesterday. I thought that was so nice of them. He said the cake read: "Colton Lamar Mason, the next Bama Quarter" something like that. The cake is a vanilla cake, white icing with red writing and was very good. Thanks Chuck, Hal & Larry. You guys are great friends to Doug. My first day alone with the kids went real well, I thought. I got a little house work done (what was driving me crazy) and spent some time with Katie. Leslie and Nicholas came over for a little bit to visit. Leslie asked me if Colton was a good baby because he wasn't crying at the time. After bragging to her about how good he was, he began crying. I did tell her that he only cried if he was hungry or had bad gas. Unfortunately, Leslie was holding him while he had bad gas problems.

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