Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Picture w/the Easter Bunny

Well, I did it again. I honestly didn't think Katie would sit on the Easter Bunny's lap, so I didn't dress up the kids. As you may remember this very thing happened to us with Santa Claus last year. Foot, she jumped right in his lap and was wanting to give him a hug, but the assistant asked Katie to wait until her picture was taken. Of course, baby boy didn't know anything was going on. Katie seemed so proud that she got to sit on a girl bunny's lap. She said girl because of the eyelashes. As I was changing out pictures in our frames today, I showed her an old picture of the same Easter Bunny and her. It was Katie's first Easter. She was tickled to see it.

Anti-Tax Tea Party Day
Did you get to attend your local "Tea Party"? I didn't get to go, but I did watch part of Neil Cavuto, all of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Hannity had Rick & Bubba as a guest by simulcast from Birmingham, AL. They reported 6,000 protestors to show up in their area.

On his way home from work, Doug stopped by Cullman's Tea Party. He said there were quite a few people in front of the courthouse. He told me that he took a picture for me to post. As soon as I receive it, I'll pass it along to you.

Bloomin' Festival
If you are having a hard time deciding what to do this weekend, come visit Cullman during their Bloomin' Festival. The Bloomin' Festival is an annual fundraiser for St. Bernard Prep School. The festival is held on the campus grounds. There are lots to do for the whole family. Arts, crafts, clothing, plants, food, various fun activities for children (face paintings, train rides, bounce houses, etc.) and don't forget to go on a tour of the famous Ave Maria Grotto. The festival will be both this Saturday and Sunday. More than likely, I won't be able to go this year because of the children. I think the weather is suppose to be very nice this weekend. Click here for more information.

A-Day Game
Also, don't forget that Alabama will be showing off both their offense and defensive teams to the public this weekend. This game in Tuscaloosa is known as the "A-Day Game". Roll Tide!

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