Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Made It In One Piece - Whoo Hoo!

As you may know, yesterday was my first real outing with the kids by myself. Katie had ballet class and I really needed to stop by Walmart for a few things. You talk about being a nervous wreck.

Katie doesn't have to be in class until late afternoon, so I started getting me and the kids ready early in the morning. I got Colton's suitcase all ready. I call it a suitcase because the stuff you have to lug around for a baby. You have to take everything, but the kitchen sink. I began to breathe a little easier by noon because Katie had her bath, both kids were dressed and bags were packed. An hour before we left, I had Katie go to the potty and I changed Colton's diaper. I no sooner pulled down Colton's diaper, he began pee peeing all over his self. I had him in a cute romper suit and now I had to wash him up and change his clothes. Oh well. Then right before we were about to leave, Colton begins to get hungry. Oh no! I warmed up a bottle and hoped he would suck it down before we had to leave. Unfortunately, he wanted to take his time. We had to go. I tried propping the bottle up for him to take, while he was in his car seat. It didn't work. I was beginning to panic a little. He finally decided to take his pacifier until we were able to get to the studio. We are usually early, so I was able to finish giving him his bottle.

We got to Walmart and their new buggies didn't accommodate our infant car seat. So, I had to place it down in the buggy. I really wished they had buggies that his car seat would fit in alright and still have room for your purchased items. Needless to say, I didn't get to buy all the things that we really needed, like groceries. On top of that, I'm still driving the truck. So, I don't have much room to pile a bunch of Walmart bags. I can't gripe too much because the truck and car are paid off. Of course, as soon as we walked past the restrooms, Katie announced that she had to go potty. Most of the time, she likes to wash her hands in the kids sink. I can't take any risk passing up the restroom just in case she really has to go potty. This trip was all about the sink and nothing whatsoever to do with the pot. Ugh! When we were leaving Walmart, walking out in the parking lot towards our truck, Katie suggested that we needed a pizza. She said, "you'll need to call it in mom". It just hit me funny, so I began giggling. It's amazing the things your kids pick up from you without you being aware.

We got home late, but I made it in one piece. You talk about ready to hit the pillow as soon as we got home. I didn't even cook supper. Instead, I grabbed Doug and I a couple of Big Macs and got Katie a happy meal. Katie was disappointed that she didn't get her pizza called in. We'll just have to have pizza another day. Bottomline, I'm just going to have to take my time and make frequent stops.

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