Thursday, May 7, 2009

20 Teeth

Katie has 20 teeth. How do I know this? Today was time for the dentist to check out Katie's teeth and give momma's teeth a good cleaning. We both received A+ for keeping good healthy teeth without any cavities. Next Fall the dentist wants to see if Katie will let them brush her teeth. We've been taking baby steps with Katie, so dentist don't freak her out too much before she turns 5 years old. I know when I was younger (yesterday), dentist scared me to death. I absolutely hated to get a teeth cleaning & especially having to get a tooth filled. Yuck! To this day, the smell of burning metal turns my stomach. I just hope Katie will have a better experience with a dentist office than I did when I was little. So far, Katie enjoys going to the dentist. She likes to have her teeth counted. Of course, we can't forget about her receiving toothpaste, toothbrush & sticker for being good.

Now after seeing this guy, it should encourage any one to make an appointment with their dentist first thing in the morning. LOL!

While Katie and I were gone to the dentist, Peggy got to watch Colton for me (first time). After we got out of the dentist's office, I called to check on her. She said he had been so good for her. So, we went to Lowe's and picked up some Gerber Daisies to plant in our outside planter. Katie had to have pink daisies. I grabbed 3 containers of Gerber Daisies: pink, yellow & orange. I wanted to get a hanging basket for my shepard's hook in the front yard, but I couldn't see paying $22 for a basket. Yikes! The last time I bought a basket, I paid $18. Even then, I thought that price was a bit steep. Millard and Peggy recommended a nursery out in the country "Bud & Blooms". They said their baskets are a little more reasonable. I'll have to check it out. I was thinking about having a basket of red or yellow Lantana. I don't know what it is, but I think Lantana seems to do well during our hot Summer months.

I still needed to get my mom a gift for Mother's Day, so we headed to Belk. Katie is such a "Shopaholic". It's so funny shopping with Katie because she is so dramatic when it comes to clothes and especially shoes. I have a feeling she's going to be one to have a closet FULL of SHOES for every and all occasions. I've never seen a little girl, who loves shoes as much as she does. Remember she's only 3 years old! In fact, when we shop around the department stores, she will draw a small crowd. "Oh mommy, I just love this shirt. You need to get it" she'll suggest. "PLEEEASSSEE mommy! I've got to have these shoes because they are so beautiful" as she is hugging a pair of pink sandals with a metal heart shaped accent on the thong. As we mingle through the clothes and shoes, women will pass by giggling or smiling at Katie. I told one lady today (as Katie is telling me for the hundredth time how beautiful these pink sandals were) that I was trying to raise her right. The lady grinned and responded "good". Surprisingly, I was able to find mom a pretty pants suit. It's coral (mom's favorite color) and black silky for church and special occasions. If she doesn't want it, I might be tempted to keep it and give her the money. I thought it was really pretty and light for Summer. We made it over to the shoe section, so Katie could try on these pink shoes. Katie's smile fell right off of her face when the clerk told us, the shoes start in size 11 and go up. Katie convinced me that could wear the size 11 (display shoes). I have to say, she was right. They fit pretty good on her. We waited in line to purchase mom's outfit, Katie's shoes & I found me a pair of white dress sandals. I got to talking to another mom. She was buying her little girl a pair of sandals with rhinestones on them. They were really cute. Then, she told me that they were on sale for $14. I asked Katie if she liked them too. Here we go again. We got out of line to go looking for these shoes. The displays were a size 11 and luckily were the only ones left. She took them off the table and put them on her feet and wouldn't take them off. The clerk had to go dig the box out of the back storage room. Now, I've got to find Katie a pair of white dressy sandals for church. I can usually find a nice pair at Target. I just haven't made it up there yet. Better yet, I had some Belk bonus bucks to spend and it was double bonus points day today. Yay!!!

On the way home, we stopped by KFC and picked up a bucket of chicken for supper. Speaking of KFC, have you tried their new grilled chicken. I meant to blog about it earlier, but kept forgetting. If you like grilled chicken straight from your own grill, you might just like this chicken. Plus, I've heard it's much better for you than regular fried, which makes sense. Doug and I really like it.

Did you hear about Oprah Winfrey promoting the KFC grilled chicken? On her website, she had a coupon available click here for a free KFC grilled chicken meal. Unfortunately, the coupon download has expired, but you could go to any participating KFC and receive your free meal until May 19th. Apparently, Oprah didn't give KFC enough warning and they were flooded with people holding free coupons. I know the KFC in New York had to turn people away because they ran out of the grilled chicken. Some people didn't like the idea of them running out of the grilled chicken before they received their free meal. So, they started a riot. It sounded like it must have been a big mess, but everyone was able to go back today and get their free chicken.

By the way, our Gerber Daisies are so pretty in the front planter. I think Katie had a good time helping me plant them. She got on a watering frinzy. She wanted to water everything in sight and if you haven't been watching the news, we are currently under a Flash Flood Warning. LOL! We don't need any more water. Our yard is like a sponge. Here's a small video of us planting our flowers.


Anonymous said...

I love the flowers! Daisies are my favorite :) I just had to tell you that Miss Emma is crazy for shoes as well! I think she gets it from me hahaha.
That is just awesome that Katie is doing so good with the dentist. I have been taking Emma since she was about 2 1/2 to get her use to it and she has not ever feared it. I think it helped taking her early.
The last thing I wanted to tell you is I have heard that on Opra's website there is a link to email to recieve the coupons due to tons and tons of errors people recieved trying to print them. I haven't checked it out yet though.
Anyways I hope you have a wonderful mother's day. Miss Emma is looking forward to her trip to Alabama this summer with her dad :)

The Thorsrud Family said...

Happy Mother's Day! Isnt it have 2 BEAUTIFUL KIDS! I love it!