Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Katie's Ballet Rehearsal Videos

Katie's Ballet Rehearsal Part 1

Katie's Ballet Rehearsal Part 2

Part 1 (top) Katie is in the wagon being pulled around.

Part 2 (below) Katie is the third little girl giving "Giselle" a flower. While dancing, she is the second one to your left. She gets a little out of step, but that okay. She's come a long way and is doing great according to Anna. I have to keep telling myself, she is much much younger than the other girls. In fact, she is the youngest in the group. All of the little girls in her class have already turned 5 years old and she is still 3 years old. She loves ballet!

Again, I have to apologize for the picture being so shaky. I hate it, but we won't be able to video or take pictures during the recital because DVD will be sold for $30. Thankfully, they will allow us to tape during rehearsals. We have one more big rehearsal next week before the big day. Unfortunately, they will not be in costume until time of recital.

Friday, May 29th @ 7PM
At Wallace College Auditorium
Tickets sold at door $10

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Allison said...

Very cute! Good job Katie! Way to hang in there Colton!