Friday, May 29, 2009

Mommy & Daughter Time

Last weekend while we were at Walmart, Katie and I picked up some Sno-cone Syrup. We picked out Strawberry, Cotton Candy & Grape flavors. We still have Cherry and Green Apple from last year. I even decided to grab another set of plastic sno-cones cups. We are set for the Summer heat. Katie's never had a sno-cone before, so she begged me for the past few days for one.

Wednesday, Colton wanted to sleep all day. Perfect! Finally, I could make Katie her very first Sno-cone. She laughed and giggled the whole time our ice was being shaved. She couldn't get over the snow. I got out all the syrups and of course, she picked out Strawberry. Strawberry & Vanilla is her favorite flavors. That is until she began eating her Strawberry Sno-cone. I fixed my Sno-cone with Cotton Candy flavored syrup. Well, she wanted to try mine. Uh oh! She gave me her Strawberry Sno-cone, as she has taken over mine. LOL! She kept telling me how much she loved Cotton Candy Sno-cones. I was surprised that she ate most of it because I made it much bigger than hers (adult size). In fact, she began crying after it was all gone and she was disappointed that I wouldn't give her anymore for the day. First of all, I was afraid that she might get a tummy ache because it was that big. Secondly, she was fairly messy with it. This is definitely a drink for the outdoors and thirdly, I just knew Colton was going to get up at any moment. I guess the next time we make Sno-cones, it will have to be made on the weekend (Momma needs some help).

Ballet Rehearsal
Yesterday was our last ballet rehearsal before the big production. First off, Katie gave me a hard time getting to bed. I just knew that it would be rough on her the next morning because we had to be at the college by 8:00 AM ready to go. We finally get there and uh oh! I'm noticing all these little girls with their costumes. I've read and looked over these schedules and didn't see where we were suppose to bring the costumes. Oh well! It's my bad! Thankfully, I wasn't the only absent minded momma. There were a few other kids without their costume.

If you've been around Katie when she gets excited, you know how she acts at times. She was running wild. I couldn't get her to calm down without disciplining her, resulting in her crying and screaming. I didn't want to do that to Anna because she needed one good rehearsal with all of her little ballerinas. I decided to wait until after rehearsal was over before I gave her a lecture. Trust me, she got an ear FULL all the way home (approximately 30 minutes worth). Her main problem is that she's not around small children on a regular basis, not yet anyway. All she has are big people to wrestle around with; therefore, we've made her a little tough and tumble. When she is around small children that are not exposed to that type of rough play, it looks like she's beating them up. Please note. When I say small children, I mean children her age or older. Actually, they are all older because we haven't found any children exactly her age yet, besides at church. The church kids are kind of iffy. Her friends have older siblings, so they all fit together. I guess I'm raising a bully and don't mean to. In a way, I'm glad she can hold her own. Usually, she doesn't take a lot of crap off of people that are giving her a hard time. You push her, she'll push you back and not running off crying. It's the self control I'm trying to embed in her and having a hard time. Saying this, one little girl (approx. 10 years old) told Anna about Katie pushing her. I saw the whole thing, but couldn't get to Katie because she was with Anna on the other side of the room. I don't know what the little girl was saying to Katie, but it looked like Katie was playing "tag". She was running around with her little friend, Esther, and then I would see her push this little girl. In Katie's defense, she normally doesn't play with anyone unless they've been picking at her, to get her warmed up to them. Truth be known, the little girl was probably playing with her back stage and then decided not to play with her anymore on stage. Anna could see that I was concerned and she spoke loudly for me to hear "she's only 3 years old". Four hours later, Katie was hot, sweaty, thirsty and ready to go home. I've never seen her so upset and wanting to go home. We went to Dairy Queen and was able to get out of her that Mrs. Anna had to get on to her because she was being mean to some of the other kids. Bottomline, she just plays rough, but that's no excuse. I gave her my lecture on how we treat people and that's all I felt like I could do. I had Doug talk to her as well last night about what happened. She told me that she doesn't want to be mean, so I'm hoping she is understanding and learning from our lectures.

We are all excited about the ballet recital tonight. Doug and I have agreed to drive separate. I'm to take Katie because she has to be there an hour early (get dressed and warmed up). Doug will come with Colton later. Our plan is as soon as Katie's part is over, Doug and Colton will head home. I'll stay with Katie and watch the rest of the ballet. I really think she will enjoy it. As far as I know, most of our family will be there to support Katie. She'll be so excited to see everyone. I'm kind of glad to take a break from ballet for a couple of months. One of the moms asked me if I was going to put Katie into the Summer Ballet Classes. Ugh! I told her no that we are going to take swimming lessons instead. Saying that, I will see you at the performance tonight!

"Giselle" Ballet Recital
by the Cullman Ballet Society
at Wallace College
in Auditorium
7:00 PM

Momma/Daughter Time
I took advantage of Peggy watching Colton for me, which she said that she was okay with it. Whitney and Zayne's wedding is coming up very soon and I've got to get Katie a pearl necklace and dress shoes. Well, I was able to find the shoes at JC Penny yesterday. I was a little concerned because they are high heels and Katie's never walked around in high heels. I put them on her to see how she could handle them. Oh my gosh! She fell in love with them. She was telling me, they were her big girl shoes. I had a terrible time getting them off of her feet. Would you believe I had to get a size 10? Either they are making shoes entirely too small or her foot is growing too fast. I don't know which. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for the necklace. The only 16" pearl necklace, JC Penny had to sell me was $250. Wow! It would have been perfect, except for the pearl size (too big). Peggy told me about Doug Doggett Jewelers having some necklaces for around $50. I can handle that price compared to $250 for a child. Shoo! I'm hoping to go by there this weekend and check them out. I'll feel much better when I get Katie ready for the wedding.

To our surprise, there was a tent full of wild animals in the Cullman Shopping Center parking lot. Katie noticed the camel right off the bat, then I began reading the signs. They were giving camel rides and I thought that would be neat for Katie, if she would do it. Believe me, it took her a while to mull it over and after viewing all the animals, she finally decided to ride the camel. After the camel, she got on a roll. She decided to go back into the tent and ride a pony. She didn't want to leave, so she begged to ride the camel again. She was so disappointed when mean momma said "no". It was pretty cool for the kids to see tigers, leopard, llamas, kangaroo, monkeys and pet goats, but a part of me felt sorry for those poor animals. They were all in small cages out on the hot asphalt, but at least they were not exposed to the sun's heat and they did have fans blowing on them. Here are a few pictures:

Katie petting the baby goats

Brand new baby goat. So cute!

Katie is sitting in front

She loved it!

Katie taking a pony ride

Lady having her picture taken with a tiger cub

You can see more photos are on our photosite.

On A Side Note
Movies In Review
We watched "Paul Blart's Mall Cop" this past weekend. It was a funny movie, but I wouldn't go out and buy the movie. I guess it's because I expected it to be hilarious. The funny clips that you've seen on the previews are pretty much all the funny parts to the movie. Too bad.

New Frozen Treat
Last night, Katie and I went on a Dairy Queen run. She couldn't believe that we were going to DQ in the middle of the night. She thought it was a lot fun. She had her usual vanilla ice cream in a cup, while I tried their Chocolate Truffle Blizzard. Oh my gosh! For all of you chocoholics out there, you'll love this blizzard. Warning: It is Rich, but Delicious! I highly recommend this tasty treat.

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