Friday, May 22, 2009

Colton's 8 Weeks Old

Katie said that Colton was my Prince and she was my Princess. I have to agree whole heartedly.
What a cute smile for mommy!

It's hard to imagine that nearly 2 months have already past. He's colic seems to be doing a little better than in weeks past. I'm hoping it will get even better because I received the Parent's Choice "Happi Tummy" from One Step Ahead. I purchased it one night during a complete meltdown. It's a baby heating pad with lavender scent. The cool thing about is that it has Velcro. You just Velcro the thing around Colton's tummy and it's suppose to ease his upset stomach. It's even safe enough to put them to bed with it on. I also purchased a "Prop Head Support" from them as well. I think I spend most of my time, in the car, supporting Colton's neck with a blanket or clothe diaper because he's little head just flops all over the place. These support props are suppose to stabilize his head and neck, so it's not flopping all over the place. Poor thing!

Katie wanted her picture taken with your stuffed animals

Katie spent the night with Millard and Peggy last night, so Colton and I went shopping today. I know, I know. I'm probably the craziest person right now, especially after all the experiences I've had shopping with him. Well, it wasn't too bad. I just took my time and the kitchen sink. Ha Ha! I had to go to Target and Hobby Lobby. I mapped it out all in my head. As soon as he woke up from his nap, I fed him his usually 2 ounces, dressed him and got him ready in the car seat. I would have 2 hours before he would need another bottle. So, I went to Target first. I almost let time get away from me, but it's just because I haven't been in a Target in a couple of months. As soon as I got back inside the car, I hooked up the bottle warmer. By the time I went by the bank and parked in the Hobby Lobby parking lot, Colton's bottle was warm. He ate, while I shopped for Katie's headband to wear at Whitney & Zayne's wedding.

Hobby Lobby had all of their wedding stuff 1/2 off. I couldn't decide on two headbands, so I got them both. Maryann liked the halo type headband the best, I think. It's white with white silk tea roses, accented with crystals and pearls. There's a bow with a long ribbon tail in the back. It's precious! I think I'll keep the other headband because it's white satin cover, accented with a white organza bow and white silk tea rose in the center. After the discount, it cost $4. I paid under $10 for both headbands, so I don't think that's bad at all. Besides, I have plans for both in the future. Now, I've got to get a pair of shoes & a pearl necklace for her to wear at the wedding.

Colton was so good that we got to go to Publix Grocery Store. I just love this grocery store. They have really neat things in there. Things that you wouldn't see in any other grocery store. I love their bakery! Sure, I had one bad experience with Publix when they accidentally damaged Katie's cake to celebrate her 2nd birthday, but overall I've had good experiences with them. I was asked by Doug, to get the ingredients for his "Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe". He's planning on making it for Natalie's Graduation party tomorrow. Our family and friends rave over this dip. It's usually gone very fast. I figured while I was there and Colton was being a good baby, I would stock up on a bunch of frozen meals. I'm still not able to cook real good because I'm trying to get use to the fact that I have two children now, instead of one. We've been eating a lot of fast food and other restaurant foods, which isn't good for you on a regular basis. We need veggies and protein in our diet. Sure, some frozen meals have lots of calories, but nothing in comparison to fast food and junk food. We left Publix with a buggy full of food.

Oh, we also received the "Disney Bingo Game" in the mail today. Yay! I've been tried to purchase this game since Christmas and have been very unsuccessful. I never could find it at stores (Walmart, Target, KMart, & BAM), that is until I found it online through Target. I ordered it in February, but kept getting emails from Target stated that their source had not sent them any merchandise. Finally, Target sent a last email stating that they still had not gotten it and they were canceling my order. Ugh! I was sick. Katie and I discovered this game, while visiting her little friend, Anya. She had received the game for Christmas and we feel in love with it. I thought it would be a good way to spend quality time with Katie during Colton's nap times. Well the other day, I thought I would check Target out again online to see if they were able to re-stock the game. Sure enough, there it was "In Stock". On top of that, it was on sale 1/2 off the retail price. Whoo Hoo! I ended up paying only $10. As soon as Katie got home, I showed it to her. She was so excited, we had to play a few rounds right away. She absolutely loves it! I highly recommend it to anyone with children 3 years and up. It will really come in handed during the rainy days and Winter months.

Ball Park Franks or Oscar Mayer Wieners?
It's getting Summertime and with Summer comes lots of grillin'. According to the Associated Press, people are going to be grillin' cheap this Summer. When you hear grillin' cheap, you think of HOT DOGS. Can you believe that Ball Park Franks has filed a lawsuit against Oscar Myer because of a questionable ad put out by Oscar Mayer stating that their wieners outperform Ball Park Franks? Click here to get the full report.

Which do you prefer Ball Park or Oscar Mayer?

Natalie's Graduation
We've got another very busy weekend and it's a Memorial Day weekend on top of that. Tomorrow afternoon, we are attending Natalie's Graduation party or "Open House" at Kevin and Maryann's house. I believe there will be lots of people there because Maryann asked us if they could borrow our lawn chairs.

Sunday afternoon is Natalie's Graduation. Millard and Peggy are helping us out by watching Colton for us, while we're gone. Doug and I haven't decided if Katie will go with us or not. I think she'll be good for us. Besides, I think she would enjoy watching Natalie walking down the aisle in her robe and cap.

Memorial Day Plans
Doug and I talked it over and I believe this will be one year that we are going to stick close to home. We usually go to someone's house for a cookout. I think it would be nice to just stay home and have a somewhat quiet evening alone with our kids. I bought a couple of steaks to throw on the grill and stuff to make a superb salad. What are your plans this Memorial weekend? Please let me know.


The Thorsrud Family said...

I'm a crazy girl too. I took all 3 kids to the grocery store before I got sick. I ran out of room in the cart, and couldn't keep Jake contained anymore, that's where all my trouble started. It was a spectacle with me running circles after Jake around the produce, and Maddie and Jake running up and down the isle screaming. (I even got the bad mom eye from one lady) I am getting Jake a leash!!! SERIOUSLY!!

thekeyes said...

We are following in your footsteps too. Staying close to home and letting lilly play in the yard. We may do some yardsaling this weekend but other than that not too much. Allan is golfing on sunday with some guys from work. oh and i like the ballpark ones that are bunsize. I hate getting hotdogs and having two feet of bun left over.. lol. Good post mi!
see you all soon.