Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Doug!


Yesterday was Doug's 41st birthday. I think he had a good day or at least that's what he told me. We tried to make his day special as soon as he came home from work. The kids and I gave him Polo Black cologne, Reese Cups & Pot of Gold Pecan Collection, which is all his favorite things. I wanted to grill hamburgers for supper, but he insisted on doing it because Colton was fussy. We (Millard, Peggy & children) will take him out to eat for his birthday supper this coming weekend.

What's In A Day?
Do you want to know what I would call "some kind of a day"? I tried getting ready for the day yesterday, starting at 9:00 AM. It's necessary to take 5 hours to fix my hair, face & get dressed that would normally take 2 hours max. Between Colton being hungry or fussy and Katie's needs, it takes a while.

We finally make it to Katie's dance class after being spit up on. It wasn't long after Katie was in class, Colton began fussing because it was time for him to eat. I get him all settled while us mom's get to see the little girls perform once again. All of the sudden, the apple juice kicks in and Colton is letting the poop fly. I knew that he had filled up his draws, so I needed to go out to the truck and change his diaper. I didn't want to wait around because he usually blows out the diapers and then I would be in a heck of a mess. As I'm changing his diaper, he pees all over himself. All over his face & outfit. Yuck! Well, I grabbed a wipe to clean off his face. I went back to cleaning his bottom up when he took a big grunt and he blew poop all over me, truck & seat. Yuck! What a mess! I ended up changing another diaper because of the mess. Okay, I finally get a clean diaper on him, change his clothes, wipe me off (as much as I could) and wipe down the truck. I pick Colton up for us to go back inside and wait on Katie. Nope! No such luck. I apparently didn't put his diaper on good because his outfit was soaked. Here we go again. Thank goodness, I pack 3-4 outfits in his diaper bag. At this point, I'm laughing out loud because I was at a breaking point. I just know that if anyone had passed by at this time, they would have thought I flipped my lid. You know, I probably very well could have at this point. How was I going to get my children cleaned and changed in order to get to Belk and Walmart, so I could get Doug's gifts. I also wanted to get him a cake and maybe a balloon. It was 4:00 PM. I wanted us to be home before Doug got home, around 6:00 PM. My mind was racing. How was I going to get this accomplished? Well, I was determined. Instead of changing Katie's clothes at the studio, I loaded everyone up and we headed back home. Poor Colton was hungry and sleepy, but I had to keep telling myself that I'm one person and I was going to make it.

Everyone changed clothes, including me, at home and we headed to Belk. I went straight to the cologne counter and told a clerk what I wanted. She took it out of the glass case and gave it to another woman, working in the women's perfume counter and walked away. I didn't mind being checked out by another person, but she was already assisting someone else and was having some difficulties as I could see. I'm standing there patiently tapping my credit card on the glass case. Katie is checking out all the perfume and I'm bouncing Colton in my arms. I'm thinking "come on people, I've got to make it through Walmart yet before I get home". I guess the original clerk had a change of heart and came back. She asked the other clerk, if she needed help. Thankfully, the first clerk took my purchase and asked me to follow her. She was manning the Clinique counter and had no customers. Yes, we are back on track and headed for the truck. We get to Walmart and I head straight towards the bakery. I found the perfect cake, it wasn't too big and not too small. I tried to put it inside the buggy, but no such luck because the car seat takes up half the space. I tried putting it underneath. Well, as soon as I turn a corner, there went the cake flying across the aisle. Ugh! I checked the cake and it wasn't damaged, so I tried my best to make it fit in this tiny buggy. By this time, Colton was having a meltdown and didn't want his bottle or pacifier. Katie was out of the cart because I was finding room for the cake and was picking up everything. After not satisfying Colton, I took him out of his car seat and bounced him around. Of course, everyone that passed by is looking at all the commotion. I just about packed it in and called it a day. I never could get the cake to fit inside the buggy, so I placed it on a shelf. Turning my buggy around, ready to go home with nothing, I ran into a friend. We began talking and she completely knew what I was going through because she is a mom of twin girls. While talking with Christy, Colton seemed to calm down and Katie was watching Christy's every move. After Christy left, I wanted to give it one more shot. Colton would not let me put him back into his car seat, so I held him the rest of the time in Walmart. When I did buckle him back in, he didn't like it at all. I hated it, but he had to cry most of the way home because this momma wasn't stoppin'. Well, I wasn't able to get the cake nor balloons, but we did make it back home before Doug (barely).

I was like a chicken with it's head cut off running around the house. Even though Colton finally fell asleep by the time we drove into the driveway, he woke up in a bad mood. All he wanted was his momma and NOTHING else. I couldn't get anything done for trying to satisfy him. So, I grabbed the baby sling I purchased last week from Katie's ballet instructor, Anna. She showed me how to wear it yesterday. You wouldn't think Colton liked being squished inside this sling, but he liked it so much that he fell back to sleep. Thankfully, he stayed asleep until I took him out of it and buddy he wasn't happy.

I had planned to grill out hamburgers for supper, but Doug insisted on cooking them himself. He could see that I had my hands full with Colton and he wanted no part of it. There's one thing, Doug can't handle baby boy for very long. I can barely, but not Doug. I feel bad for him half the time because Colton has total meltdowns when daddy is holding him. We were discussing our day, while he was cooking the burgers on the grill outside. After I told him my ordeal, I announced that I would not be leaving this house (except for ballet practice) until Colton turns 3 months old. Even then, I might reconsider. It seems like every time I leave this house with the kids, I end up regretting it. A lot of it is me. I'm a constant bundle of nerves, even before something happens. I don't understand why I'm so nervous driving the kids around, doing errands. Oh well. I know in time, I will become a pro at it and I won't be so nervous. Until then, I'm emailing Doug the grocery/Walmart list for him to pick up stuff. Luckily, he doesn't mind picking up items for me. I think it's because he knows the alternative (babysitting Katie & Colton). Shoo! WHAT A DAY!

American Idol
What a surprise on American Idol? I just knew Danny & Adam would be the finalist. Surprisingly, Kris stepped up to the plate and delivered a great performance yesterday. It definitely helped his chances to become one of the final two contestants. I hated Danny didn't get to be one of the finalist because he was my favorite out of the top 10. I know he'll have a great career regardless. So, who do you think will win American Idol? Don't forget to vote on my poll.

Also, don't forget Hell's Kitchen finale is tomorrow (I believe). Who do you think will win (Danny or Paula)? Don't forget to vote on my poll.


Laura said...

By Doug's expression in the pic, I can tell you had a day! Girl, I honestly don't envy you right now, but my heart goes out to you for your struggles! Maybe letting Doug run the errands is a good idea, but I don't see how in the world you could stay couped up at home for the next month or two! I'd really go crazy!! Hang in there! You're a pro and the best mom in the world!! You just sound overwhelmed! Happy Birthday, Doug!

The Thorsrud Family said...

HAHA! You poor thing!!!! It will get better soon, just dont go out! HA! I hate being stuck inside all the time for the first little while, but its better than getting yelled at. I still haven't taken all 3 our to the store yet. I dont even want to go there! I have NOlan pick things up on the way home from work, or I escape and have an "outing" (how sad) to walmart! How fun! HAHA! Who knew Walmart could be so much fun by yourself?!

thekeyes said...

Oh you poor thing. Sounds like you had a rough one. Remind me when i'm in alabama to tell you abou the time i was running around with lilly and split my pants got two doors on the car stuck open and had to drive across the highway like that with lilly in the car. .. yeah we all have those days that just go crazy! but you made it thru it and next time will be even easier. I hope doug enjoyed his presents. lol