Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Peggy!

Happy Belated Birthday Peggy!

I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday yesterday, but our phone lines and DSL was down most of the day. I thought I was going to go through withdrawals because the DSL was still down most of the day today. Our phone line is still crazy, so we are relying on our cell phones right now. Doug's called twice to report the problem. I'm hoping everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

Katie's Ballet Rehearsal
Katie had ballet rehearsal in costume Monday night. She had a blast watching the practice performance of all the kids. It's funny, she knew when the scary part came up and decided to announce it to the whole group. Elaine, director, began giggling. Katie watched every movement. I think she might be ready for "The Nutcracker" Ballet. I've always known that I would be sharing "The Nutcracker" Ballet with my daughter, I just didn't know when. Watching her facial expression last night during practice, let me know that she is indeed ready. Now, I'm hoping the ballet will make their appearance in Huntsville or Birmingham either this Christmas or the next year.

Katie waiting around with her new friends

Katie's group performing

Mrs. Anna, Katie's instructor, taking role call

I've got some video, but not very good. I was struggling with Colton, while taping. Ugh! He decided to wake up during the performance. I'm sure everyone clapping and cheering on didn't help him staying asleep either. My videos are uploaded under YouTube. I'm waiting for finally approval. As soon as it is completed, I'll post it on my blog. I was proud of Katie, she did so much better. I guess all the practices and extra rehearsals seem to help her a lot.

Speaking of the Nutcracker. The other day, we were talking about "The Nutcracker". First, you have to understand that Katie loves "The Nutcracker". She loves for me to read the book, where she pretty much tells me what's going to happen next because she has read it so much. She has the movie, "Barbie in 'The Nutcracker'". Let's not forget, she keeps a real nutcracker of Clara & Nutcracker that she received this past Christmas on her chest of drawers. She is very proud of her Clara Nutcracker and asks for another one every time the thought crosses her mind. As we were sitting in the truck talking about it, the first thing that struck my mind was "A Touch of German". It's a small shop located in the old part of town. They have everything German in this unique little shop. On the back wall are tons of nutcrackers, of all sizes, gracefully on display. I've always wanted to take Katie to this little shop, ever since I knew how much she loved the story. I just felt she was too young because there are a lot of breakables in there as well. I began telling her about this place. Her eyes grew as big as golf balls with excitement. She wanted to go see the nutcrackers. After she promised me about not touching a thing, I drove into a parking space in front of the shop. She walked around in total amazement. All I heard from her was "mom, look at that" or "mom, look at this". I had the hardest time getting her to leave. I didn't realize she would love this shop as much as she did. On one of their walls are nothing but coo coo clocks. It didn't matter if she was in the back of the store, she made sure to get to the clocks as soon as one of them went off. She enjoyed watching the animation.

Political News
Attention Glenn Beck fans -

Glenn Beck will be on "The View" tomorrow @ 10 AM CST. They will try to chew him up and spit him out, but I honestly feel he can handle himself. I made sure to have it TiVoed, just in case I miss it.

How do you like Pres. Obama speaking out of the other side of his mouth? Of course, I expected it because he's been making it a routine to speak out of both sides of his mouth. I guess this way, if you don't like what he said one day, you might like it the next day. Bless his heart, he just wants to spread happiness. Now, he is saying that we can't continually boring money from China. How we are affecting our children's future by adding on so much debt. SHOCKING!

American Idol
Who do you believe will win American Idol this year (Kris or Adam)? I still haven't decided, especially after tonight's performances. I like Adam's voice, but don't care for the dark rock songs. Believe me, I love rock and roll like the next person. I don't care for the dark rock (metal), which is what I think Adam will probably lean towards. Kris has a good voice, but very soft singer. I liked the songs he sang tonight, but he doesn't get too excited very much. If I had to vote, I guess I'd vote for Kris.

Ant Treatment Tip
I heard the other day a very interesting tip on how to get rid of ants and I wanted to pass it along to you.

This guy on Fox News said if you sprinkle corn meal around ant hills, the ants will take the meal underground to feed on. Once the ants eat the corn meal, they will eventually die off because their systems can't digest corn meal resulting in starving to death. My dad is currently trying this method, to see if it really works.

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My grandpa is trying out the corn meal as well. I will let you know if it works for him :)