Sunday, May 24, 2009

Congratulations Natalie!

Wow! What another great and busy weekend. This weekend, I shall name "NATALIE". It was her weekend and it was well deserved, I must say. She is the third and final graduate from St. Bernard Prep School that belong to Kevin and Maryann. I know they are very proud parents right about now. Their eldest child, Ryan, finished college at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL a few years ago with a Nursing degree and currently works at Duke Hospital in NC as an RN. He is planning on returning to school (possibly in TN) this Fall. The middle child, Whitney, graduated college at University of North Alabama with a Nursing degree and is planning her wedding with Zayne in a couple of months. The baby (#3), Natalie, will be attending Wallace College. She is interested in Physical Therapy.

I wish her all the best because she deserves the best!
I Love You!

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We started the weekend with a little get together at Kevin and Maryann's for Natalie. People came and went all through the night. Lots of food, entertainment, and laughes. Colton was passed around like a bag of potatoes, which is right up his alley. He absolutely loves to be held and especially talked to. He ate it up! Katie found a box full of Natalie and Whitney's old toys. Jackpot! She asked Whitney if she could play with them and that's all it took. Katie was so good, playing with those toys by herself. Then, an old friend of mine, Christy, came in with her twin girls. All right! Katie asked me if the girls (7 years old) could come over and play with her. Well, I took Katie over to Christy and her girls and introduced them. It didn't take long before all 3 girls were playing with Polly Pocket and Barbie. One of Christy's girls, Abby, had an instant crush on Nicholas. She found a Ken doll and announced to everyone in our group that it was a "Nicholas doll". She kept picking and flirting with him during the night that he was so embarrassed, he was blushing. The more we laughed about her picking on him, the more she flirted with him. It was hilarious! You just had to be there.

Today, Millard and Peggy came over to watch Colton for us, while we went to the graduation. I paid special attention to Katie. I thought she would like being all dolled up for a special occasion. I twisted her hair up, let her wear shiny lip gloss, painted her nails pink, let her wear perfume and her special jewelry. She was my little posh girly girl. I was very proud of her. She left her hair, dress and jewelry alone. Since she was going to the graduation with us (we gave her the choice to stay at home or go). I put together a little care package (backpack), full of treats, writing board, colors & coloring book, special toys & Zune with Tinkerbell movie on it. Yes! Thank you Doug and your Zune. At the chapel, our family had to split up again because not everyone would be able to sit together. Half of us stayed downstair close to the altar and the other half sat up in the balcony. Doug and I stayed downstair (off to the side), so we could take pictures and video the graduation. Katie insisted on sitting with Leslie and Susan up in the balcony. They said she was real good. There were a couple of times where she talked a little too loudly to Leslie, but toned it down fairly quick. She had a blast being with all the cousins. We took a few family pictures outside and soon parted our ways. It was so bloomin' hot outside, I couldn't wait for pictures to be over with. I was so ready to get in the car and crank up the A/C. We stopped by Sweet Peppers Deli and picked up supper on our way home. Oh, it was so good. I had their Chicken Salad and chips. Yummy!

Health Checkup
I've always heard that shrimp was high in cholesterol and you shouldn't eat too much of it. Well, according to Dr. Izzy that even though shrimp is high in cholesterol, it is also high in unsaturated fats that are good for you. Studies have shown that after eating lots of shrimp, the effect is the HDL goes up. HDL is the good cholesterol and that protective. He adviced for those who have high cholesterol to eat modest portions of shellfish, DON'T AVOID IT because it contains Omega 3 and full of Vitamin B12. He added that we should eat shellfish til our heart's desire. I was so happy to hear this news because I LOVE Shrimp and Crab that I eat a bunch of boiled jumbo shrimp for a snack tonight. Yum! If you like shrimp, try eating it dipped in Chili Sauce instead of Cocktail Sauce. I use to only dip my shrimp in Cocktail Sauce, until I discovered Chili Sauce. OH SO GOOD! Click here to read more information.

Also, do you wear sunscreen during the Winter months? I had no clue, you were suppose to wear sunscreen year around. I do good to put some on while sitting by the pool, much less putting it on right before I put on my wool sweater, Timberland boots, Thermal underwear and Parka. It's true according to Dr. Graf, guest on Fox and Friends Sunday. We should use at least 15 SPF during the Winter months and 30-50 SPF during the Summer months. She adviced that we should lather the sunscreen on our bodies 30 minutes before we actually go out into the sun. After that time, we should reapply every 1-2 hours, if we are still outside. I found this really cool bracelet that you can put on your child's wrist, while he/she is exposed to the sun's rays. You put sunscreen all over your child, including the bracelet. As the day goes by, the bracelet slowly changes colors to make you aware that it's getting time to reapply sunscreen to little Timmy or Suzy. I'm tempted to get Katie and Colton one this Summer. The bracelet is sold at "One Step Ahead". Click Here, if you would like to watch the video about "Soaking Up The Sun . . . Carefully".

On A Side Note . . .
I would like to thank all our military active and veterans. Freedom comes with a price and they have put their necks out on the front line, so I may have my freedom.

I hope all my blogging buddies have a very special Memorial Day. If you plan on traveling, please be careful.
God Bless The U.S.A. !

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