Monday, May 4, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

Okay, this is so sad. I started writing this post around 10:00 AM this morning and had to wait until 10:00 PM to finish typing it. The sad part is, this isn't a long post at all.

I had problems . . . Katie was having mommy withdrawals, Colton had a tummy ache all afternoon into the evening hours (I've had to get out the "hairdryer" CD to play in his room), laundry couldn't wash themselves, my maternity clothes couldn't find their way back into the storage boxes without my help and the *%#@ NRA wouldn't stop calling me. I need a Valium. Does anyone have some to give me?

Colton is at the age where he is starting to smile a little more. I wanted to capture his smile by photograph. There are a couple of pictures where I caught a little bit of a smile from him. Katie wanted their picture taken together. I'm enjoying her loving all over him now because in a couple to 3 years, we'll probably hear "MOM, he's touching me!" or "MOM, Colton won't leave my stuff alone!" I need to take as many pictures of them loving on each other as possible, so I can show them when they get older. He loves watching his big sister.

Ballet Pictures
Friday was Ballet Recital picture day for Katie. She was so excited to be wearing her costume once again. The hardest part was convincing her that she needed to wait and put the costume on at the studio. Thank goodness Doug was off Friday, so he could take care of baby boy for me. I couldn't imagine taking Colton up there with us and making sure Katie was ready for the photographer. Pictures went real well. I let Mrs. Elaine take over Katie during pictures. Elaine told her how to stand and look (I figured Katie would listen to Elaine a lot better than me). She did so good and I think the group picture will turn out adorable. The photographer said the photos will be ready to pick up in about 2-3 weeks. I can't hardly wait. I was sort of surprised that a couple of the moms put makeup on the little 3 & 4 year olds (in Katie's class). I didn't put any on Katie because I didn't feel it was necessary. We waited around to watch the 5 & 6 year olds get their picture taken. Man, their makeup was so thick on their face. I can understand putting a little base & blush, but not eye shadow, eye liner, mascara & lipstick (too much).

Decoration Day
As you may know yesterday was our annual Decoration Day at both Mt. Pleasant & Friendship Churches. We decided not to attend either church services because of the thunderstorms and flu going around. We did go to Millard & Peggy's for our annual family get together. Not everyone was able to make it. We had a good visit and Colton was passed around like a bag of potatoes. Katie had a blast playing with Ty & Trey. We didn't get to take pictures this year, maybe next year.


I finally got another Shopaholic book, "Shopaholic takes Manhattan". I never found the time to check out our local library and didn't make it to BAM. After ballet pictures Friday, Katie and I stopped off at Walmart to pick up a few things. Quickly, I went through the book/magazine section and found the last copy they had on sale. I was so excited! Now to find the time to read it. Ugh! I guess I'll be pushing late night hours again, just like before. I've read 3 chapters already and I still can't get over Becky. This character is a hoot!

Special Prayer Request
The last thing I've heard about Shannon was the doctors fear he has cancer in multiple areas. They still don't know what kind of cancer he may have in his body. Please continue to pray for him and his family.

My niece, Elizabeth, needs your prayers. She came down sick the middle of last week. At first, she thought that she might have the flu. The doctor ruled out the flu and she wrote in her blog that it was a virus. Well, I received a call Sunday morning. Nolan had to take Elizabeth to the ER and they had diagnosed her as having C.diff. Later, I was told that she was sent home with antibiotics. I spoke to her last night and she doesn't feel good at all. Thank goodness, Wade & Sandy were able to be there for them. I think Liz said, Sandy would be back again today to look after her and the kids. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Doug's cousin, Pat, has a bulge in her disk. She's in a lot of pain and has been in the hospital. Her mom & dad, Vonell & James, picked her up from home yesterday to take her home with them. She has a difficult time walking and probably can't take care of herself. While she is staying with her parents, she'll locate a good back surgeon. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Tick Removing Tip
An email was forwarded to me on . . .

How to safely remove a tick without tweezers?

  • Put some liquid soap on a cotton ball

  • Wipe the area several times with the soapy cotton ball (15-20 seconds)

  • The tick should come out on his own, while wiping with the cotton ball. It should stick to the cotton ball.

The person that forwarded this email uses this techinque every time because it works so well.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

Katie and Colton look so much alike. ADORABLE! Yes lots of pictures! Maddie and Jake fight like cats and dogs now. Carson is just sitting on the side lines taking it in. He loves to watch them. I am doing much better. Thanks for the prayers. I was really sick for a little bit.