Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Update

Aunt Sherry & Uncle Roger Visit
Sherry, Roger, mom & dad came over for supper Friday night. After my hair appointment, I stopped by Johnny's BBQ and grabbed some barbeque for supper. It was so good! We had such a good visit. It was the first time they got to see Colton. Of course, it being in the evening he wasn't feeling very well. All he wanted to do was eat and be held by his mommy or daddy. Go figure! Anyway after supper, us ladies stayed at the Dining Room table and caught up on all the latest news. Dad, Roger and Doug stayed in the Living Room watching "Glenn Beck" and the History Channel.

I don't remember how the subject came up, but Sherry wanted me to pull up Google Earth on my computer. I'm not familiar with Google Earth, so I didn't know what Sherry was getting me into. Finally I realized that she wanted to show mom a satellite photo of my house. Apparently, I had to have an account in order to view or I didn't know how to get around the site. Knowing what Sherry wanted to accomplish, I pulled up Google Maps. She wasn't familiar with the site. She really liked it after I showed her what it could do. . . produce 360 photo tours of a residence. She seemed impressed. Both mom and Sherry were spitting out addresses for me to look up under the Google Maps. Every time a photo was available, mom and/or Sherry would holler to dad and Roger to come there and see their old house place. Doug and I got to laughing at them. Those two old women had more fun than a night at the comedy club. We spent hours looking up old addresses, relatives and friends. They almost hated to quit because mom would ask, "who can we look up next?" Both Sherry and I got out our address books. LOL! Cheap fun!

Aunt Sherry told me that she was so impressed with mom's progress. I just knew she would because mom has worked so hard. She kept going on and on about how well she seems to be getting along. Much much better than the last time Aunt Sherry saw her.

Katie hated seeing Sherry "Lolly" and Roger leave. She had so much fun playing around with "Lolly". If you don't know, "Lolly" is Aunt Sherry's alias name. It's a long story, but one day my Aunt Sherry got tired of hearing her name by her oldest granddaughter. So, Sherry came up with (off the top of her head) "Lolly" and it has stuck ever since. Of course, Doug calls her "Scary Sherry" just for laughs.

Sherry said they will be heading towards VA on Wednesday. They are still talking about coming back in July for Whitney and Zayne's wedding. It's too bad they live so far away. We always have lots of fun. We will have to visit with them one more time before they head out. I did promise her the next time we are in Shreveport, LA, we would call them up and meet some where half way.

Katie Story
"Katie Practices For Future Drama Club"

I have to tell this short Katie story. We have these big soft foam puzzle pieces that you put together in order to play Hopscotch outside. Katie loves playing with them because they have pictures of the Disney princesses on them. Tonight, she stacked the puzzle pieces on top of one another, making a little step. She placed her stool next to the puzzle pieces. Okay, you're going to have to use your creative mind in order to visualize what I'm about to say next. Here we go!

Katie steps up on the stool and over to the puzzle step. She announces (to no one in particular), "Ladies and gentlemen, here's Ariel". She starts clapping as she stepped back over to the stool. She steps off of the stool, walks over to the side and then comes back. She steps back on the stool and over to the foam step. Begins bowing and saying "thank you , thank you. Would you like to see me dance?" As she's about start dancing, she sees me watching her. She gets all shy, smiles and bites her lip. I tried to act like I was ignoring her, so I could see what she does next. She doesn't bite and stops performing. She was so darn cute, pretending to be Ariel on a show. I hope to see future performances and skits from her.

She is so excited and surprised that she gets to go back to ballet rehearsel tomorrow. She tells me "but we just went to ballet yesterday". Actually it was Friday, but who really keeps up with the dates? She's really excited because she gets to see her friends and wear her costume as well. Double bonus! Of course, she asks me if every "Tom, Dick, and Harry", will be there. She also wants to make sure she sees "Giselle". How can you explain that one to her? Mrs. Anna and Mrs. Elaine promises that moms can watch the rehearsal tomorrow, so I hope it's true. I will try to video it for you to see. I won't know what to do this week because she only practices tomorrow and not again until a week from Thursday. Peggy's going to help me out with Colton during Thursday's practice because Katie and I will have to go to Wallace for the rehearsal. I don't have a babysitter for Friday morning for Colton yet. I plan to call one of the girls or ask Maryann, if they can watch him for a few hours. Of course, Katie's recital is that night. I have to get her to Wallace by 6 PM.

I think Katie is really going to miss ballet during the Summer. They are having a 3 week Summer class, but I think I'll keep Katie out of this one. Regular classes don't start back up until next August. I asked her the other day if she wanted to stay in ballet. "Oh, yes. I love ballet and Mrs. Anna" she answered. I guess we will keep her in ballet as long as she wants to go.

We still want Katie in swimming lessons again this year. I've got to call my friend, RuthAnne and see if she will be conducting lessons. I really hope so. Katie learned a lot from RuthAnne and had so much fun. In fact, she has been asking me about swimming lessons for months now. I keep telling her "when it gets hot". According to RuthAnne last year, she wants Katie in one of her bigger classes this year. I think Katie will love it! I think once I get the recital behind me, I can focus on another task like a week of swimming lessons. Yay!

Colton Update
With Sherry's help, we got Colton weighed. According to our scales, he weighs approximately 12 pounds. Honestly, I feel it's pretty close to the truth because the boy is SOOOO HEAVY. He also thinks he's too big for his britches. He is bounded and determined to keep his head up. It really scares me because you know how an infant's head is so wobbly. He likes to sit up and look around. None of this laying in my arms anymore. Oh, plus he won't drink from me now. I have to pump and give him my milk from a bottle. He loves to eat. My next goal is to keep a diary of his feedings. I'm just curious as to how much he is eating a day. I've tried to keep track and he was beginning to get on a schedule. Well, not anymore. Not right now anyway. Lately, he likes to eat 2 ounces every hour. He might take a cat nap in between those feedings (15 minutes). Even if he is wide awake, he will only eat 2 oz. at a time. Then an hour later, he starts crying. You wouldn't think he would be crying for food, but the stinker wants it. He was eating so much (nearly the whole time Sherry and Roger were here) that Sherry and mom suggested putting him on cereal. I explained to them about how Dr. Lunsford doesn't care for that too much because of possible food allergies in the future. Colton has his 2 month check up on the 26th, so I will inform Dr. Lunsford as to what Colton is doing. I'll see if he can suggest anything that might help to keep him full because it seems like he is starving to death. Hopefully, he'll see that he is close enough to 3 months and he'll say it's okay to put him on cereal. {I don't think he will} It's wishful thinking. By the way, I believe the apple juice and water is working. He may not have a bowel movement every day, but he has one as least every other day. This is a lot better than what we were dealing with before the juice. For the past few days, he's been having a movement every day. I just hope it continues. We ran out of Enfamil Gentlease for fussy and gassy babies, so I went back on the regular Enfamil with Iron this weekend. Oops! I think we will have to go back to the Enfamil Gentleas. Colton's been on the regular formula for probably 36 hours and he has been just a little fuss bucket today. Before, it seem like we were seeing some relief when he was on the special formula. Thank goodness, Peggy and Millard gave us a new can of Enfamil Gentlease last night.

Political Update
Do you know where your "Stimulus" money is going? Reports have surfaced that people who have been dead for years are receiving checks from the stimulus plan. Fox News interviewed an older lady. She said a check came in the mail, written out to her father. She was astonished to see this stimulus check because her father had been dead for several several years. They interviewed a couple other people with dead relatives that also received checks and they had been dead for at least 3 years. It's amazing!

Well well well! It looks like Nancy Pelosi has dug herself a hole. What will it take for her to finally fall in it? I love this snippet of her getting flustered when someone from the media asked her a question, confirming that she did indeed say that the CIA lied or misled the Congress about waterboarding. You'll have to watch it for yourself, if you haven't seen it yet.

If I had any advice for Ms. Pelosi, it would be to back off and keep quiet for a few days. Awww! Whose kidding? I'm loving the fact, she can't stop talking. She digs deeper and deeper every time I see her face on television. Even the liberal media can't save her now. I'm waiting for her or Binden to come out and make the mistake in ordering an investigation regarding the CIA "misleading" Congress. I think that will be the icing on the cake.

Movie Review
"Taken" - Doug rented this movie for us today. I highly recommend it, but I must warn that it's not for young children. Thank goodness, Doug got Katie a special movie just for her viewing in her room. She didn't come out unless she needed something to drink or eat. This movie really made you think and I believe it is true. As awful as it sounds, I truly believe this very same instance happened to Natalie Holloway from Hoover, Alabama. I have absolutely no desire to leave this country nor would we allow Katie to leave when she is still in our care. It's a must watch!

"College Road Trip" - I've seen this movie a couple of times since it's been playing on Starz, I just kept forgetting to give a review. This movie is hilarious! Starring Raven and Martin Lawrence. I can imagine Doug and I in this situation with Katie in a few years. I know we will have our hands full and when she does go off to college, I don't see her sticking close to home. I might be surprised, but I don't think so. It will be so sad, when that day comes. :( I think it will really be hard on her daddy. Seeing his baby go off on her own. I might encourage her to go off to some place like University of Hawaii or Florida State. This way, I'd see my baby lots and have a great vacation, while we are at it. LOL! Anyways, you've got to watch this movie. Doug even liked it, so you know it's good. Rated PG.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

I remember reading somewhere that the pediatric board had ruled that eating cereal early (not sure the age though) doesnt cause allergies. There was some study this last year that ruled it out. You should ask your doc about that. They said as long as you aren't predisposed to allergies, it's fine. Maybe you can google it. If he's hungry, he's hungry. 12 lbs!?!?!?! WOW! He's a growing boy! Carson was almost 11 at his last appointment 2 weeks ago. They are the same size and a month apart! haha! Give them kisses from me!