Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Colton's 4 Month Old Check-Up

Katie and I took Colton to the doctor this morning for his 4 month old check up. Dr. Lunsford said he is doing great. Colton weighs 14 lbs. 8 oz. and is 27 inches tall. He's eating five 5 to 6 ounces of rice milk a day. Dr. Lunsford confirmed that it's time for Colton to ease off the rice cereal in his milk and begin eating it with a spoon. He told me not to worry about him not taking to spoon fed, if he doesn't cooperate. I didn't tell Dr. Lunsford about yesterday, when I fed him a few tiny bites of bananas and oatmeal. I thought Colton took to oatmeal really well. He ate it all. Tonight for supper, I fed him more oatmeal. This time, I made it a little thicker than the day before. He loved it! He gobbed it all up. As you know, Colton has to be compared to all the other babies his age in the world. Dr. Lunsford, showed me where Colton was "on the scale." He is 95% percentile in his height and 75% percentile in his weight. Overall, he is doing great! We won't go back until he turns 6 months old. Poor baby, had to have 3 shots and an oral. Katie couldn't stand it. She began whining because her baby brother was crying. She told us (me and the nurse) not to hurt him. Once it was all over and Colton calmed down, Katie said "that wasn't so bad." The nurse was still in the room, when I responded to Katie by saying "yeah, you didn't feel a thing did ya Katie." Katie smiled and answered, "uh, huh!" The nurse giggled at us.

We were in the doctor's office for 2 solid hours, so Katie and I were hungry. I thought it would be good, if we went back home and ate a bite before heading to Wallie World. Poor Colton slept from the time we left the doctor's parking lot till we were headed back home from WalMart. I did give him some Tylenol before the doctor's appointment, but I bet all those shots wore him out. After his little cry from the shots, he responded very well to them. He wasn't cranky, no fever and no swelling. He is a real trooper!

At Walmart, I went ahead and grabbed him a tray to go with his "Bumbo" (I think that's what it is called) and a mat with pillow, for him to lay on his belly and play. I never bought Katie one at that age and now I wished I had. As soon as Colton ate lunch, I put him in his chair and gave him a toy to play with. He had so much fun. He kept swatting at his toy, knocking it off of the tray. He'd just look at me with confidence on his face like "look what I just did." He is doing so good sitting up. He can sit in his "Bumbo" sit without any assistance for quite some time before he gets tired. I did try to feed him tonight, while he was sitting in his Bumbo. After a while, it didn't work out so well. His poor face was on the tray by the 5 or 6th bite of oatmeal. I can feed him better when he is sitting in his rocking chair. Don't worry, I can strap him in before the feeding begins. HA! He hasn't tried out the pillow and mat yet. We might just have to try it out tomorrow. I'm not planning on going any where because it's suppose to rain most of the day.

I got a couple of things for Katie's school. I received a list of supplies from her school a few weeks ago. I've had to slap my hands from going ahead and purchasing the items. Today, I thought it would be okay to go ahead and purchase the plastic shoe box with a snap on lid. Now, being a first time preschool mom, I actually went looking for a box that fit that exact description. Yes, I went around to all the plastic boxes in both the storage and school supplies departments, reading the price tags for a "shoe box." I finally asked Susan and Leslie the other day about my problem. Susan, right off the bat said "oh, that just the plastic storage boxes that you would think could fit a pair of shoes." HELLO! All I've got to say is, Sue had better be right because I bought a plastic (attached) snap on lid that I felt would fit a pair of adult shoes. What Katie's teacher would need it for, I have no idea other than storing her finger paints that I have yet to purchase. I had Katie pick out a coloring book for school and guess what she picked out - DISNEY PRINCESSES. I figured she would have picked out "Hello Kitty", "Barbie" or "Tinkerbell." Oh well, I guess she will always be partial to the Disney Princesses. I had to pull myself away from the children's books and activity books. There were a few I would have loved to put inside the buggy. The Little Einsteins have a few really great educational books out. They have a hard bound "1st Picture Dictionary," "Alphabet Animals" and a wipe-off activity book. I loved the activity book because it has picture word association, letter/word games, but I felt it was a little old for Katie. The age limit they had on it was from ages 3-7. I'm hoping by the end of school year, she'll be ready to use it.

Doug and I have discussed Katie's Pre-4K school activities and I think we both are content with the schedule. According to the teachers syllabus, by the end of the school year, Katie should be able to count to 20, know her ABC's (letter recognition), the months and days of the year, colors, and shapes. There was an added note that if Mrs. Katie feels the child is ready to begin reading, she will prep them for that as well. She will participate in a music class (both sing and use different instruments). It is the parents option to enroll her in Art Class once a week. Doug and I have agreed that it would be a good experience for her to take Art as well as Music. I'm just tickled for her. I took Katie by the "Leap Frog" educational toys. I had her look at both the "Tag" books and "Gamesters" to see, #1 if she would be interested in receiving one for Christmas and #2 which one she would prefer learning to read by way of books or by playing a video game. I explained to her the best way I could about what the purpose of the toys. She seemed to understand and wants the "Tag" books. I told her that I would keep that in mind. Then, she saw IT! She went running down the aisle to jump on a "Disney Princess" bike with training wheels. Ugh! My worst nightmare, but I know she's got to learn some day and some how. I let her ride the bike around the aisle for a little while. This bike was a step above a tricycle, so I had her try out the next size up because the Princess bike fit her too well right now. I pulled down a "Barbie" bike with training wheels and she fell completely in love with it. It's $69, which I don't think is too bad. I asked her what she would rather have for Christmas and before I could get it out of my mouth, she said with a smile "a Barbie bike." Oh me, oh my! I guess I'm going to have to sit down with Doug and talk this one through. If you think I'm being a mean mom, not letting Katie have a bike already. Just hear me out because I have a lot to consider. First of all, we live on a pretty steep hill. A few of our neighbors drive down our little street like a bat out of hades, and our neighborhood is very hilly period (a lot of blind spots for drivers). So like I said, Doug and I have to talk about this one (way out all the pros and cons). She's not only thrown that curve ball at me, but the pet issue as well. Which is a BIG FAT "NO"! Poor Montana is on his last leg and I don't know if he'll make it to Christmas, but he is the only remaining pet we have on the place. He is a good dog, but has arthritis really bad. He is 12 1/2 years old and I think has had a pretty good life overall. When it comes to my pets, I just don't like to see them suffer like barely able to walk without falling, which is what Montana is showing signs. I'm sorry to say to Katie, but after Montana is gone that's it for a while. Of course, I want her and Colton to experience the joys of having a "best buddy." I would like for them to be a little older and that's not going to go over very well with Katie, but she will have to get over it. I know, I'm so mean!


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