Friday, July 10, 2009

The Fancy Party

As I'm feeding Colton his bottle, Katie comes striding into Living Room. She is head to toe in her Fancy Nancy clothes (hat, skirt & feather purse). In her "miss priss" voice, she invites Colton & I to her fancy party. She attempted to hurry us right along to the party by saying "hurry mom, you're going to be late. You will have a blast." Well when Colton & I finally made it, we sat on the bed with the rest of her friends. Let's see the princess four(Ariel, Belle, Aurora, & Cinderella), "Princess" her pink B-A-B kitty, and "Daisy" her puppy were all in attendance. After a quick chit-chat, we had to watch a little "Pinky Dinky Doo" and lastly, Katie wanted to read us "Mariposa." I wished I could have gotten a video of Katie reading to Colton. I hope I can give a good visual. I had Colton propped up on Katie's pillow. She grabbed her book and cuddled up to her baby brother. As she is reading to us, Colton was watching her like he understood every word she said. He began grabbing her hair and he liked her skirt. Without skipping a beat, she delicately unclinched his hand from her hair. Now, there were a few times where I had to help untangle the hair from between his fingers. HA HA! She is such a good big sister! She had a very nice party. I promised to attend the next Fancy Party. Of course, she asked me a few times if it was tomorrow yet, so we could have another party.


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