Monday, July 27, 2009

Colton's First Foods

Yay! Colton turned 4 months old today, another milestone. Today, he is old enough to try baby food. Right before I fed him his bottle, I got out a jar of bananas. Katie kept wanting to smell the jar. I guess the smell got her hungry, so she grabbed a banana and began eating it, while I fed Colton his bananas. HA HA! She asked me if she ate bananas baby food when she was a baby. Here are a few pictures of Colton's first experience with baby food.

I don't think he liked the bananas as well as he liked the oatmeal with bananas. He's little mouth flew open for it. Of course, Katie had to smell it. Eeewww, Katie didn't like it at all. After a few bites, he was wanting his bottle. I didn't make a big bowl of oatmeal for him, so he ate it all before taking his bottle. Katie noticed that I was using her princess bowl. "Hey, mom! You've got Colton's food in my bowl." she said. "Are you going to wash that stuff out?" she asked. When I said, "yes." She seemed relieved saying, "good 'cause I don't want that stinky stuff in my bowl."

I think Colton is going through another growth spurt because he has been so sleepy. He slept from 9:30-nearly 9:00 this morning. He slept over 4 hours after lunch today.

Wade and Sandy headed home yesterday morning. We enjoyed them visiting us, but I think they were ready to get back home. The last few days that they were here, they spent it at Tim & Susan's place. We went out there Friday and Saturday, visited and Katie did a little fishing. The fish were not biting much, but Katie caught 2 on the Scooby Doo rod & reel.

We enjoyed our last day with Allan, Sarah, Emma and Lilly. Katie hated to see Emma leave. She asked me every night for the past few days, when we were going to see Emma again. She told me "mom, I had fun playing with Emma." I thought they played so good together. Here are a few pictures:

Daddy's Little Girl

Wearing Daddy's cap

There are more photos on photosite.

Tomorrow, Colton goes to the doctor for his 4 month check up, which means more shots. Ouch! When I told Katie tonight that we have to go to the doctor tomorrow, she told that she doesn't like hearing baby Colton crying. Then she asked me, "why does Colton cry?" I told her "so he can stay well." She looked at me real confused, which I don't blame her. I would think that if something is suppose to keep me well, it shouldn't hurt.


Laura said...

That first pic of Colton with the baby food totally cracked me up!! His expression was like, "What have you done to me?" So funny! I definitly think that Colton looks like you and Katie looks like her Daddy. I loved the pic of the two of them together!

The Thorsrud Family said...

Our boys are growing up! It's funny how close in milestones they are!!! Love the face with the food! He is SUCH a lil' Millard!!!!!