Saturday, July 11, 2009

Looking Back . . .

It's hard to imagine, my baby girl will be turning 4 years old in the next few days~I hope you will join me as I reminisce~How she has developed into a fun loving, dramatic social butterfly, little princess~You'll have to bare with me because there are some many of my favorite photos~It was hard for me to pick out these few

Katie at 2 months old

Katie at 3 months old~The same age Colton is now~I see a lot of similarities between the two

Katie's 1st Halloween costume

One of my favorite photos

Katie's 1st Christmas

I took these pictures for her 1st Easter~Katie at 9 months old

Our 1st Easter Photo as a family

Katie's 1st pair of sunglasses

One of my favorites

Katie enjoying her finger foods~10 months old

Katie's 1st time in the pool

Katie's 1st steps~11 months old

I used this photo for her 1st birthday announcement in the newspaper


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