Friday, July 17, 2009

The Party Weekend Has Begun!

Party plans are coming right along. The ballet slipper candies are made and waiting to be placed on top of cupcakes. I finished the ballerina slipper cookies yesterday. I have to say, they turned out a little better than I thought they would. Grant it, this is the first time I've ever made these cookies, so they are not perfect. Here's a couple of pictures of my finished project.

We pulled out the birthday flag, mailbox cover, and cake blow up from storage ready to be displayed. All goody bags are filled and waiting patiently for a couple little girls (Emma & Lilly) to open them. All the birthday girl's presents are wrapped so pretty.

Yesterday, Peggy watched Katie and Colton for me while I CLEANED the house thoroughly. Oh, the house smells so good now. I haven't been able to really clean since Colton's been born, so I found myself scrubbing in some areas. Today, I plan on catching up on my laundry. Doug went on 4-10's at work, so he is home today. He plans on getting out and mowing the lawn. Later, we'll go ahead and put out the birthday cake blow up, so we won't have to worry with it Sunday. Hopefully, he can help me watch kids, while we do laundry and clean out the fridge.

Sandy, Wade, Allan, Sarah, Emma and Lilly made it here alright. As soon as I finished my cleaning and organizing yesterday, I headed over to June's to see them for a brief moment. They looked good, but tired. Sandy said that they are not use to the idoits on the road. Right before I had to leave to head over to Peggy and Millard's, I got to see Allan, Sarah and the kids. They were having problems with their hotel room. Apparently, the room they reserved didn't turn out to be the one that they reserved. They ended up in a smoking room on the third floor. Allan said it really stunk, so June told them to stay with her and Pat. I was so surprised how talkative Emma was to us. Gosh, I haven't seen her in I guess 2-3 years. I figured she would be real shy and clingy to Allan. Nope, she talked to us and smiling. She was glad to see her grandma Sandy! As soon as she saw her, she went running. Right off the bat, she asked if she could get in the pool. Sandy told Emma about all the fun things at each aunts house. Then she asked her, which one she would rather visit. With a big smile on her face, she said she wanted to do all of it. HA HA! She is a little sweetheart!

Tonight's the wedding rehearsal. I've got to get Katie up to the church by 6 PM and dinner will follow. Doug says he will go with me, Peggy & Millard will be watching Colton for us. Peggy told me last night that he was a good baby to watch. He hardly ever gives me any trouble as well. If he's crying, he's either hungry or tired.

School Days
For the past few days, I've been concerned about Katie's schooling. August will be here and I haven't heard anything from them. I planned on calling the school Monday, if I didn't hear from them. Well, I can breathe a little easier now. I received a package from Covenant School yesterday. Yay! Katie officially starts school on August 12th. They included her school calendar, which will help out a lot when it comes to planning out trips.

Well, stay tuned for for pictures and stories.


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