Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th Of July!

I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe 4th of July holiday. Ours was very busy and loads of fun. It started on Wednesday when Katie spent the night with Millard & Peggy. She always has a great time with them. With Katie out of the house, I was able to make more ballerina slippers. Later, Colton and I went to pick up one of birthday gifts and purchase stuff for the party. I believe I have most everything, we need for the birthday party.

Friday, we spent the day with Uncle James and Aunt Vonell's. He's birthday was Saturday, so we celebrated it on Friday with bbq ribs, boston butt, potato salad, baked beans , Italian Cream Cake and I made the Peach Cobbler. Everything was delicious!

Above is a photo of my famous peach cobbler. I posted my recipe for the dish HERE.

Larry rents a house out to very nice lady, Jennifer. Her daughter, Abby, received a trampoline for Christmas. Millard wanted Katie to try it out. I was interested in how well it was made. I have to say, I was amazed about all the safety measures. Katie absolutely LOVED IT!

Saturday, we went over to Pat and June's to hang out at the pool. We had another great Summer dinner with lots of boston butt, ribs, pasta salad, cole slaw, baked beans, cake and peach cobbler (yes, me again). Katie turns into a fish whenever we are near water. She'd stay in the water as long as you will let her. Katie had added fun with her uncles, aunts and cousin in the pool playing with her. She's been wanting to go down the slide the past couple of times she's been in the pool. Well, she got her wish. Uncle Pat held her in his arms, while they went sliding down the water slide into the pool. It's too bad we didn't get a picture of them as they are making their way down the slide. We did get a picture of them making it into the pool, but you can't really tell what just happened. I think it scared her a little bit because Pat asked her if she wanted to go down it again and she said "no." Ha Ha! She's been jumping into the water lots better. Well, she wanted to take the chance of jumping off the diving board. I didn't think she would do it, but to my surprise, SHE DID! Not only that, but she kept wanting to jump off the board.

Katie jumpin' off the diving board

Katie & Pat goin' down the water slide

Katie ridin' the "Green Whale" (what Katie was calling June)

Little man takin' it easy, wearing his hat

More pictures are available on our photosite.



Laura said...

That pic of Colton cracks me up! I think he looks like Doug in that picture...never smiling! I see Katie is in to "posing" these days, too!

Anonymous said...

Colton is so cute!! I can't wait to pinch those cheeks. Wade and I have decided Colton looks like Millard. See ya in 9 days! Whooo Hooo! Tell June to get me a floatie blown up, or do I need to bring my own?

The Thorsrud Family said...

oh my goodness! He DOES look like Millard!!!