Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Mother's Day Is Such Joy!

I wished I had grabbed my video camera in time. I had to wash dishes and Colton was still awake. I did what any mother would do. I strapped him into his chair, popped in a movie and had Katie watch him, while I washed dishes. I thought about the Baby Einstein movies that we got for Katie when she was a baby. You talk about digging them out. They were clear in the back of Katie's movie collection, collecting nothing but dust. Katie was so excited that they were going to watch a Little Einstein movie. When it started, she found out real quick that it wasn't "The Little Einsteins," but "Baby Einsteins." She sat there for a short time and watched it with baby Colton. As soon as she got bored with it, she began clowning around with him. I would check on them in between rinses. Katie had Colton cracking up in there, she was being so silly. By the time, my brain cells began to tell me "get the camera, get the camera" it was too late. Katie was getting tired, not to mention shy because she spotted the camera. I asked her to get Colton to laugh again, but she couldn't. I've got my camera on standby now, so if and when it happens again I'll have it. They were so sweet playing with each other. Katie just can't wait for Colton to grow up, so she'll have someone to play with.

I've been working on Katie's vocabulary. Sometimes, she gets her words mixed up. For instance, she calls someone's ring and earring. A heart is a pop tart. When she's too shy to talk to someone (she doesn't know very well) or associate in any way, instead of saying "I don't know you." She says the worst possible thing, "I don't like you." Katie and I like to play a game with Doug when we have to drive in separate vehicles, it's called who can get home first. Well, Katie tells me "hurry up mom, we need to beat daddy up." When she wants to race me (doing anything), she tell me that she's going to beat me up. When she learns something new, she'll say, in excitement, "I know how to learn." Or if she wants me to teach her to do something specific she'll say, "mom, I need you to learn me how to do that." I think it's cute, but I know I have to teach her the correct way or she might be teased later in life.

Katie Story
Speaking of Katie, she fills our life with all the excitement God could possibly bless us with. It is definiately not a dull moment around here when "Katie is in the house." I should be spanked for allowing Katie to eat and drink in her room, but hey if it buys me a few extra minutes, so be it. The down fall with this grant, is I have to go in her room later and pick up all the mess (wrappers, paper towels, plates, cups, I think you get the idea). Again, I've been teaching Katie to pick up after herself and help me out. I told her that if she can't pick up after herself then I will have to reconsider the food and drinks in her room. Personally, I don't want to see that happen because it helps me out A LOT! Well, so far so good. She's been doing really well, but I still have to remind her often. I can tell she really wants to try hard because she knows I mean business.

Today, after she ate her lunch (all of it), she asked me if she could have a sucker. I had no problem, but I told her to throw away the wrapper and stick when she's finished. She nodded and said "ok," so I know she heard me. A little later, she was playing around and I noticed that she didn't have the sucker. I asked her "where's your sucker." She had to think for a minute, then she pointed to her mouth. I asked her, "did you eat it all up?" "Yes" she replied. "Where's the stick?" I asked. Her eyes got big and she was at a loss for words. I asked her again. Finally, she shrugged her shoulders and said the famous "I don't know." I told her to go straight into her room, find the stick and throw it away right now. She went crying back to her room looking for her sucker stick. I went back there to check on the situation. She was watching TV and no stick. By this time, I was fuming. I calmly turned off the TV and told her that she would not be getting any more suckers or watching TV until the stick was found and brought to me. I destroyed that poor little girl's world. What really killed her was the fact that her favorite TV show was on "Phineas and Ferb." She doesn't miss an episode. I told her that if she wanted to see "Phineas and Ferb" again then she had better get busy finding the stick. It wasn't long, I could hear her coming down the hallway, I was rocking Colton to sleep. She was all slumped, dragging her feet and face. She was so sad. She shrugged her shoulders once more saying "mom, I looked every where and I can't find it. I don't know where it is." I told her that I was sorry, but until it was found there would be no more suckers or TV. She turned around to go back into her bedroom. When something caught my eye. I called her to come back. I guess she thought she was in trouble because she quickly began asking questions like "what is it?" What's wrong?" I told her to turn around, she hesitated but turned and there it was! The sucker stick was stuck to the back of her head! =O) "I FOUND IT!" I declared as I pulled it out. We both began giggling. Right off the bat, she asked "can I watch TV now." What a sticker!

Guess what? You can make S'mores and not even need a camp fire. How about that? I guess I'm behind the times, I don't know. I've been hungry for S'mores since my Aunt Sherry was here and began talking about it. I bought all the stuff to make them, but never had the chance to actually make them. Ugh! It's been frustrating. That is until I found a recipe for "Indoor S'mores" on the back of the marshmallow bag. Yippee! It sounded so simple, but would I have the time. Yesterday, Katie was making one mess after another, so I thought I would do Liz's method - COOK! Note to Liz, IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME! Katie still makes messes and gets into mischief. Katie likes the Strawberry marshmallows, so her S'mores were made from the Strawberry marshmallows and I had the plain good ole' white marshmallows. They were just as ooey gooey delicious as if by a camp fire. Yum!

Indoor S'mores Recipe
Graham Cracker
Hershey's Chocolate

Break a sleeve of graham crackers into (to make equal sandwich parts)
Sandwich together a marshmallow and chocolate pieces between graham crackers
Place sandwich on a microwavable plate
Microwave sandwich for 15 seconds at 100% Power
Yield: 1 serving

Do you know what's sad? When your daughter sees what you've made for supper and says "oh mom, that looks and smells so good, you should take a picture of it." Yes, Katie did say these exact words to me yesterday. I had just pulled out my baked chicken breasts from the oven, opened the bag to make sure the chicken was cooked thoroughly. Katie got a whiff of the food and went on and on about how it smelled so good. Then, out of the blue she told me that I needed to take a picture of it. HA HA! I guess that's what I get for taking so many pictures of my different recipes that I've created.

While Katie was suppose to be getting dressed in her room, she found her "Ariel" Winter hat and scarf. She paraded around the house most of the morning with a T-shirt, shorts, this hat and scarf. She told me that she was cold. Next thing I know, she's got the hat and scarf on Colton. "Look mom! Come look and see baby Colton" she said so proud of herself. I have to say it was pretty darn funny to see him all dressed up. Doug was coming through the door from work when all of this went down. I don't know if he was too keen on seeing his son dressed up in girl's accessories. HA HA! Here's a picture:



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