Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wow! What a weekend!

The Wedding of the Year
How do you know you've had a spectacular weekend with lots of laughs and unending fun? Well, I've got aches and pains all over and I feel completely wiped out. Eventhough, we had an exciting and wonderful weekend, I could use some good ole rest and relaxation.

Whitney & Zayne had a beautiful wedding. Their colors were champaign, black and crimson. A violin playing in the background, welcoming people into the chapel. Zayne's best buds, escorting all the guests to their seat. Natalie had the priviledge of being Whitney's Maid-of-Honor. Zayne's brother, Zach had the priviledge of being the Best Man. Pictures tell how beautiful Whitney was on her wedding day. They both looked so happy and ready for this joyous event. I believe they make a wonderful couple and will have many many beautiful babies {hint, hint Whitney & Zayne}. They went to the beach for their honeymoon. I know they'll have a great time and can't wait to see the pictures of their trip.

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I was so nervous and worried about how well Katie would behave. Surprisingly, she did really good. She put the flowers down just right and stayed where she was suppose to. After the wedding, Leslie told me that Katie kept asking her when they could go sit down. At one time, she told her that her mommy needed her. People did chuckle at Katie making faces during the wedding. Then, her and Nia began waving at people in the audience. It was cute.

These are my favorite photos

Us goofing around during the rehearsal dinner

Congratulations to Whitney on her new job
I would like to congratulate Whitney on her new job as a nurse at St. Vincents Hospital. Maryann told me while she was having her makeup put on before pictures were taken. I haven't had the chance to talk with Whitney about it. So, I don't know if she will be able to work with the babies, like I know she wants to do. I'm just so happy she was able to get a job during this bad economy. I know it was a huge rock lifted off of her and Zayne's shoulders.

Katie's Ballet Birthday Party

I think Katie had a very special birthday party and there were so many people to make it possible. Thank You! I had Katie all dressed up in her ballet recital costume with her hair up in a bun. She looked so cute, but before the guests arrived she insisted on changing her outfit. She wanted to wear her pink ballet leotards with her Fancy Nancy Tutu. I asked Emma if she thought she could wear the recital costume. Her eyes lite up and went running to ask her Dad and Sarah, if she could wear it. I think those two hit it off right away. They were joined at the hip the short time they were here. It was so funny, watching the little girls jumping inside the trampoline.
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I think the girls had a blast because there were lots to do. We did a craft. I had the girls create a photo album with lots of ballet stickers to decorate with. I helped Lilly make her photo album. I just hate it that I wasn't able to print out photos to be placed inside. I'll mail them as soon as I possibly can. They got to shoot off Party Poppers and beat up on a pinata. Ha! Let me explain. I purchased a ballerina slipper pinata that was suppose to be a pull string type. Well, when the girls pulled the strings, nothing happened. So, we got out the plastic bat and the girls began beat up on it. Finally, we had to bring in the muscle. Doug grabbed the bat and began wacking at it trying to break it in to. Still nothing! This went on and on to where us adults were laughing at the whole event. Michael thought I made the pinata myself and asked if I made it with cement or thing like that. Of course, everyone began asking me where I bought it. When it finally broke in to, Randy took a good look at how well it was made. Of course, the girls were in and out of the trampoline. While, the girls were running around having a good time, the adults played horseshoes. We set up horseshoe pits across the street from our house. Everyone seemed to have had a good time.

As you probably know, Katie is one of a kind. I always thought kids liked opening up or digging into presents, especially if they are for them. Well, not Kaitlyn. She would prefer someone else opening up her gifts and let her see what she received. She would decide from there if she wants to look it over a little more before going on to the next one. Ugh! She has been this way her whole life. She's this way during Christmas as well. After a few gifts were slowly opened by Katie, I finally asked Emma if she wanted to open the gifts for Katie. Emma asked Katie if it was okay and she had no problem with it. She just sat back and watched. It was so sweet, Emma went around to people thanking them for the nice gifts they gave Katie for her birthday. Ha Ha! All Katie wanted to do was play with Emma on the trampoline.

Once everyone left and things began to calm down for the night, Katie looked over her gifts again. This time, she would ask whom it came from. She told me that she liked all of her birthday presents. Everyone hit it right on the head. She received lots of dress ups (dresses, jewelry, makeup, shoes, fake nails, lip gloss), movies, stuffed animals, Groovy Girl dolls and accessories, duffle bag, back packs, money, princess sheets, clothes, and sleeping bag. We let her stay up until midnight. Before I finished the second book, she was OUT like a light.

Enjoying visit from out of town family members
It was so good to see Kacy, Ryan, Lissa, Randy, Sandy, Wade, Allan, Sarah, Emma and Lilly. It's too bad, we didn't have enough days to spend more time with each other.

Randy and Lissa had to get back home in order to visit with their son, Abe, before he had to fly back to Florida. Abe was in New Mexico on a business trip, while they were here for the wedding. Abe lives and works in Florida.

I was so glad that Kacy & Ryan got to stay an extra day before they had to get back to Durham, NC for work. They are such a cute couple and make great photo opts. Ha Ha! I think I have more pictures of these two together than I do of Doug and myself. {sad~Ugh}

Roger and Sherry left for Allen, TX Monday morning. They've been travelling for a couple of months, so I know they are ready to go home.

Allan, Sarah, Emma and Lilly had to fly back to Casper, WY today. It was so good to have them here. The last time I saw Allan was at his wedding to Sarah, a few of years ago in Kentucky. I guess Emma was about 3 or 4 years old and Katie was 2 years old. Where does time go? Now, Emma is 6 years old and will be in the first grade. Lilly is such a sweetheart. It took a little while, but she warmed up to me.

Sandy and Wade will be here for a few more days. It's good to have them home for a while. I got to meet their new puppy, Toby. He is half Havanese and Shih Tzu. She jokes around, saying that she has a Havashiht. HA HA! I couldn't get over how soft his fur is. Such a sweet sweet dog. I guess it's something to keep in mind when it's time to get Katie and Colton a puppy (in the future~far far into the future). I believe they will go out to Sue & Tim's for a few days. I'm sure we'll be getting together a few more times before they leave for WY.

Katie At Story Telling Time
Katie is bad about interrupting during storytime. This is the very reason why I never took her to many storytimes at our local Library. Well, I've tried different methods trying to get her to shut up and listen because I expect receiving notes from the teacher about her talking. The most recent method is zipping her mouth and locking the key {all pretend}. Well, this gets her to giggling. She will even talk with her mouth closed. Last night while I was reading a story about Jesus, she would wait until I turned the page and then she would ask {silently} if she could talk or ask a question.

She began asking me questions about God, Jesus and Satan. She asked if Jesus was good. Then, she asked about the "bad witch". She said, "the bad witch, she is bad." I kept asking who this "bad witch" was. Finally, I understood. She was referring to Satan. She kept referring him as the "bad witch." I guess it's a way for her to understand good vs. evil. Then she asked me if I was going down there. After talking with her, I understood her to refer Hell as "down there." I told her no that I will be going to Heaven with Jesus and God. I asked her if she wanted to go to Heaven with Jesus, God and myself. "No," she said. "I want to stay here with my Daddy." HA HA! Now, we know where her loyalties lie.

Catching up
Today, I've been catching up on editing photos, updating Facebook & Blog. I hope I can get all done before tonight. I'm trying my best though. I hope you enjoy the photos and there are lots more on our photosite.


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I am so glad that everyone had a great weekend! Emma looks like she had an absolute ball! I was worried she would get shy, but I should know by now that she is definitely an outgoing friendly little girl! The pictures are amazing!