Monday, February 1, 2010


I just received some disturbing news. You might remember . . . a couple of years ago, I asked for prayers for a church member, Emily M., that received a lung transplant due to complications from dealing with Cystic Fibrosis. She healed great and was able to move back to Texas with her family.

Well, she came down with Pneumonia this past month. She wasn't getting any better, so she was flown to UAB Hospital for further treatment. Because she couldn't get over it in TX, they to put on a ventilator. Once at Birmingham, she seemed to improve. She had some issues with a blood clot in her pic line, some digestive issues, some bleeding in her stomach due to an ulcer. By the following Wednesday, January 27th, Emily's heart rate dipped really low. Couple of hours later, her heart rate went to 200 and her blood pressure sky rocketed. After the emergency crash team worked her, they were able to get her regulated. She was finally looking okay as far as her vitals, until a nurse came in 4 hrs later to check on her. She checked her pupils and the did not dilate or respond to the light. They immediately took her to do a CAT scan and discovered she had a brain hemorrhage. Emily had left this world to be with the Lord.

Emily fought a tough battle and won. You heard me, all she wanted to do was live her life with her family and be there for her little girl, but her body was so weak from the years of battles. She lived such an inspiring life. I would like to encourage you to read her blog about how she lived with C.F., relying on God and her faith. Click Here to read more. She has a new body form now. One that's not riddled with disease and complications. She's happy and in the presence of God Almighty. The ones that need your prayers right now is her husband, daughter, Faith, and other family and friends. Thank you!

We had a few people over for supper Saturday night. Ryan is planning to leave for NC in a couple of days. We won't be able to see him again until sometime in July. When he'll start moving some of his possessions back home and getting ready to go back to school. He asked him and his parents over for supper, just to visit one more time. We had chicken tenders and fries, nothing real big.

Mom was sounding really down earlier that morning because the lens in her eye was acting weird. She had eye surgery not too long ago in both of her eyes. She has been so happy because she only needs reading glasses now. Well, she came down with a cold a few days ago and she feels that the cold got in her eye. Since then, she's had difficulty seeing. Looking out the one eye, she sees something fuzzy and it doesn't move. Along with the fuzzy, she has a lot of floaties. It very frustrating for her. She was going to get ahold of her doctor this morning. I told her that she needed to get her mind off of her eye, her and dad needed to come over and spend the day with us. We enjoyed every one's visit.

Sunday, Millard and Peggy took Katie to the movies. "Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Squeakual" was playing. Katie really liked it! Her favorite part was when one of the chipmunks passed gas. FIGURES!

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