Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Six More Weeks of Winter Weather

According to Punxsutawney Phil, we have 6 more weeks of Winter weather because he saw his shadow this morning. I hate to hear this news because the South has underwent a very cold wet Fall and Winter months. I'm so ready to see some sunshine for longer then a few hours at a time, one day out of the week. Sometimes, I have to stop and remind myself that I'm not in Seattle, Washington.

It was a little sunny yesterday around 11:00, so I got to pick Katie up at Covenant's playground. Mrs. Katie giggled and asked me, "it's a little warm to get out for a few minutes. Right?" I think the temperature made up to 48 degrees. I laughed at her because all the children had on their Winter coats, playing around on the equipment. Us Alabamians are not use to the extended cold weather for so long. It's gotten to where my bones hurt, it's so cold here. My thing is, if it's going to be this cold then I want it to snow. Let it snow, melt and be done with it. The poor squirrels have our yard covered just about every day, getting food. I think I counted close to 10 just in our back yard one morning. They were scurrying around remembering where they buried that one acorn.

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day in just in a few more day. Do you have your special someone a gift or plans for a romantic dinner? While Katie was in school, Colton and I took this opportunity to get our shopping finished. Yay!

Doug and I have been trying to get a hold of our diet and loose a few pounds, so I haven't been cooking per sa. I'm just afraid I'll loose control and there you go. I've lost a little weight, but not near enough because I haven't been able to get the kids out to do our walking. Ugh!

Saying that, Katie's Valentine party is the Friday before Valentine's weekend, February 12th I believe. I had planned to make her class message heart cookies, but went out on the wide world of web to look at all the different ideas. Oh my gosh! I had entirely too much fun. There are soooo many cute ideas out there that now I'm thinking about changing my mind. One of the blogs, I check in every now and then, Bakerella, had the best idea.
Are these cute or what? These delicious looking kisses are made with Oreo cookies, cream cheese and chocolate bark. So simple and your own personal touch. For the recipe and directions, click here.

These are too pretty to eat. Again, these will be so simple to make. The roses are made from colored rolled fondant. If you're not familiar with fondant, I would purchase the white and just get the food color dye that you would prefer. For the recipe and directions, click here.

I thought these Nutter Butter Balls just looked yummy. They are made with Nutter Butter cookies, cream cheese and chocolate bark. I think Doug would like these. For the recipe from Bakerella click here.

I'm getting really hungry right now. Can you tell? lol! I have to stay in control until it's time to cook at least one of these scrumptious looking desserts.

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I follow Bakerella! She has the cutest ideas.