Thursday, February 4, 2010

I don't know, if I could ever get use to the new Monopoly game. A round board game is unheard of. I mean where do you go to jail and how do you teach your child to count back money. I learned to count money by playing this game. Now, they use a credit card.

Field Trip
Well, tomorrow is Katie's field trip to the pizza place. Whoo hoo! Katie is so excited. She loves going on field trips. I'm just relieved that it's on a Friday, so Doug can watch Colton for me. I'll post the story and pictures as soon as I can. After lunch, Katie and I have a hair appointment. I'm having at least an inch cut off of Katie, I don't care what she says. My hair has gotten so long that I've got to get it trimmed up. I have to say I've enjoyed having my hair so long because it's easy to throw it up in a ponytail or clip and go in the mornings.

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