Friday, February 26, 2010

Girl, girl, girl . . . what am I going to do with you?

Katie Story
I had just put Colton down for a nap. He's a very light sleeper, so it's hard to keep things quiet around the house. I noticed Katie (all dressed up) was opening her bedroom door, slamming it, walking down the hallway, around the bar, back up the hallway and as she was going back inside her bedroom, she'd slam the door shut again. She did this about 4 times before I finally stopped her and asked her what she was doing. Very chalantly, she said she was going on a date with her boyfriend. Shocked, I asked her again. She acted as if I was bothering her, "I'm going out on a date with my boyfriend." Trying to hold back the laughter, calmly I asked her who her boyfriend was. Low and behold, she said it was "WILL." Oh, no! Will's not even 9 years old and he is already stealing my baby girl from me. HA HA! I thought that was cute and had to share it with you.

Natalie's Got Game
We went last night to see Natalie play her last basketball game for the year. It was homecoming, so there were lots going on. Chick-fil-a donated food to the players and gave out basketballs to the little kids, Katie got one. This little boy scared her half to death. Out of the blue, he came up to her and asked if she wanted a pom-pom. She got all shy and I guess didn't answer him. I couldn't understand the boy, but Doug said he was asking her if she was afraid of him. As we were heading out the door to leave, he came out with us and said,"you know you want one." Katie was ready for her daddy to hold her. The boy had to be around the age of 9 or 10 years. She didn't know how to respond to what just happened. Too funny! We got to see the Chick-fil-a cow and Wallace's Lion walking around, greeting the children. Katie appreciated them from a far. She likes characters, but not when they get up close and personal. Doug and I are the same way. She doesn't even like clowns, they freak her out.
Wallace cheerleaders, there were more, but wanted an up close photo
Shoot out!  No one made a hoop
I wished you could have seen this potato gun, a couple of students came out with during half time.  They were shooting t-shirts out to the fans in the stands with this gun.  They have "Goliath" written on the side of this gun.  LOL!  Trust me, it was a "GOLIATH." 
"Goliath" potato gun

Wallace Lion poses for photo op
Natalie's Fan Section
Wallace defeated Gadsden Women's team. Natalie did good, she just missed a couple shots that I could see. Whitney and Zayne came to watch, but instead was Katie's babysitter. Katie loves her "Wibby." She even be-friended a Gadsden fan (boy) that was sitting beside her. Whitney told me that Katie wouldn't leave him alone. I apologized to the boy, but he just smiled. He looked to be about 17-18 years old, pretty cute. Hey, at least my daughter has good taste. LOL!
Natalie Shoots, but didn't score
Wallace wins!

American Idol
When I have an opportunity to watch American Idol, I'm not too impressed. Saying that, I really do like Casey James, contestant. I agree with Kara, he is not only eye candy but ear candy. Agreeing with "Rick & Bubba," Doug was laughing at Casey singing. I didn't notice until it was pointed out to me, but there's a little shakiness to Casey's voice when he sings. "Rick & Bubba" pointed it out during their radio show and now Doug is calling Casey "goat boy." I just think that's harse. I mean, the guy can sing.

Winter Olympics
Did you see Kim Yu-Na? She is awesome to watch. I wouldn't be surprised if she took ballet as well because she has to be the most graceful and elegant skater out on the ice.  She absolutely deserved receiving the gold last night. I hated that I fell asleep before Mirai skated. I so wanted to see her because the media was really putting her up on a pedestal. I'm afraid, Kim will have to get more bodyguards when she returns to South Korea.
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