Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Glimpse

I know it's been awhile since I've blogged, so automatically I noticed that Google Blogger has been making changes to the website format.  Great!  More to figure out how to do simple things that I finally figured out how to do without having to pull up Blogger Help.  I guess their like Walmart, always keeping me on my toes and continue my education.  Whoo Hoo! 

Yesterday, while waiting for Katie to get out of ballet class, Mrs. Elaine had the display out for everyone to see the recital costume samples. I took a picture for you to be able to see a glimpse as to what costume Katie will be wearing in May. It's so adorable! Last year's costume was cute, but I really like this one. This year's ballet recital is featuring all the different nationalities. Katie's class will be representing the country of France. Mrs. Elaine told me that every other year, they have the big productions like last year. So, this year will be very small, but I hear the recital will still be held at Wallace State College.

I still can't believe Colton will be a year old next month. Would you believe, I don't have his birthday supplies ordered yet. Ugh! I've been a little busy, Katie's class likes to keep me going. I call it "my homework." Lord willing, I plan to order them tomorrow or the next day.

Doug and I are stomped as to what to get Colton for his big day. I am fresh out of ideas. He has everything already. What could be possibly get him that he doesn't already have? I hate giving clothes, so that's out of the question. A couple of times, after dropping Katie off at school, Colton and I stroll through Walmart's toy department. We came across the cowboy hats and sunglasses. He looked so darn cute, I took a picture of him.

He is really changing more and more every day.  There are times when I wonder where the time has gone.  He loves to make faces.  He has his shy look, he grins and shy away from you.  He's sour look, he squints his eyes and shakes he's head.  He does this even if he's not eating anything tart.  He's bulldog look, he sticks out his bottom jaw and makes his fat cheeks really stick out.  I can tell, he loves his sister so much.  When she's not around, he is so whiny.  As soon as he sees her and especially if she plays with him, he perks right up and is happy once again.  He loves playing with her, but like any other sibling, they fight.  Yes, FIGHT.  He has learned, if she doesn't let him play with a specific toy, he gets mad and screams at her.  It's funny, but I know when it's my que to break them up.  There are times, when he attacks her and she thinks it's funny.  He has really shot up, tall.  His stomach is not as noticable anymore.  For the past couple of days, he is going through a eating and sleep change.  He was eating his food (every 4 hours until bedtime) and our food.  A week ago, I was feeding him a 7 ounce bottle, pasta pick-ups (ravioli), cheese puffs and he would still try what we were eating.  He'll scream at you, if you won't give him a taste.  Doug and I giggle at him.  The other day, Doug bought "Wholly Guacamole" dip for us to try.  Not thinking Colton would like it, Doug gave him a taste.  To our surprise, Colton did everything but take the bowl out of Doug's hands to eat it.  He ended up eating approximately half of the dip.  I just knew he would be up most of the night with a belly ache.  To my surprise, he slept all night without any trouble.  Colton is like "Mikey" on the old Chex cereal commercials.  He'll eat anything.  I guess he has come to a temporary stop with his growth because he doesn't seem to want to eat when he normally does.  This could be a good thing, but for right now it's making me very confused. 

American Idol Want To Be
Next on American Idol, the rising new star "Kaitlyn."  Apparently Katie has watched enough American Idol in the past few years, she been on earth, to know how it all starts.  Tonight as we were trying to watch "American Idol," Katie decided to come up with her own version of "American Idol."  She would come out on stage aka laundry basket and we would have to ask her what she was singing.  She would make up a title and begin singing it.  After she finished, we would cheer her on.  Then, she would ask "am I going to Hollywood?"  When we said "yes," she would scream "YAY!"  This went on for a few minutes that's why I was able to get it on video.  FYI, she is using a Charm's Blow Pop for her microphone.  LOL! Here's a little snippet.

While Katie was still playing American Idol, I wanted to tape Colton for a little bit. He was curious about the camera and wanted his two minutes of fame. HA HA!

Last but not least, Katie sings one of her favorite songs "Best of Both Worlds" by Miley Cyrus. At least, I think that's the name of the song.  She is quite the little performer (tehe!)


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Laura said...

Love Katie's costume! Very "frenchy" indeed. And that pic of Colton wearing that cowboy hate totally cracked me up. Haven't watched the videos yet. Waiting to watch them with Alise.