Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's weekend. We had a very busy one. Of course, Friday was Katie's Class Valentine Party and she had a blast.

Saturday, I met up with a friend from high school, doing a little catching up. When I got home that afternoon, Doug went to pick up our Smoked Boston Butt from our city school baseball team. It's their annual fundraising project, but this year they didn't give it to you all nice and warm, ready to eat. This year, Smith Farms cooked and vaccum sealed it. I was ready to sink my teeth into a some barbeque, but the package was cold. So, we decided to freeze it and save it for another day. Piggly Wiggly has a special on their T-bone steaks $4.99 a pound. We buy a lot of our meat from "The Pig" because it is so good and they have really good sales from time to time. Doug put a little steak rub on the steaks and grilled them up for supper. Oh my gosh! They were so good, you could cut them with a butter knife. I didn't have to put my "Shula's Steak Sauce" on it.

Last night, we were going to go out to eat, but I was not looking forward to the crowd of people. Millard and Peggy planned to come over to watch the kids for us. At the last minute, I persuaded Doug to let me go get some more delicious steaks and we'd just stay home for our Valentine's dinner. Oh, our dinner last night was just as good or better than the night before. We had steak, garden salad, baked potato and seasoned green beans. Sooo good! We celebrated Valetine's Day with the children yesterday morning. Katie was so excited because she received the new pink Mermaid Barbie, she asked for. She loved it along with a ladybug candy box and Tinkerbell ring suckers. Colton received a V-tech piano and Blow-Pop suckers. He seems to like it, but I think Katie likes the piano more. LOL! She told me yesterday that she wanted to be a baby just for 2 days and then she would be a little girl again. Doug gave me "Couples Retreat" movie. We haven't seen it yet. It looked like it would be good.

Our little kids cutting up. Colton loves it when Katie picks at him. We have to really watch her because she can get too rough.
Grandma Peggy and Paw-Paw Millard came through the door with these balloons. They were a hit! Katie named the monkey "Colton."

Colton Update
I've started Colton on the Gerber Graduates this week and he seems to be doing great. He likes the Cheese Ravioli Pick Ups and diced apples. He loves cheese puffs and anything chocolate. He cut another tooth, to my surprise. Now, he has 4 on the top & 3 on the bottom. A lot of the time, if you say "yay" he'll start clapping. Sometimes, he says "yay" while he is clapping. Too cute.

Katie Story
The other night was too precious. Katie convinced Doug to play dolls in her room. I got a lot of it on tape. I'll try to post it, but sometimes my video upload sources can't support MP4 video yet. Doug is such an awesome daddy when it comes to his babies.

Birthday Party
Now that Valentine's over, we're in full birthday party mode. Mark it on your calendar, Colton's 1st birthday party will be on Saturday, March 27th. I'll have to discuss the menu with Doug, but hopefully the party will be another success.

Beach TripLaura's been keeping me updated on the reservations at our favorite condo. I'm so excited! I've told Doug, this year I want a family portrait on the beach. I've been shopping around online for white beach outfits for everyone. I've decided Doug and Colton will wear white polo shirt with khaki shorts. I found a beautiful eyelet dress at Gap for Katie. Macy's has an eyelet top just for me.

I'm sure it's just because of the Winter weather, but I'm so ready for our beach trip. Would you believe, we received more snow this morning. It wasn't a whole lot, just a trace. This has got to be the longest Winter in history. Laura, hang on because I think I might be more excited for this trip then I was the last one. I know I'll enjoy it much better than last because Lord willing I won't be pregnant. LOL!

On a side note, this Winter should be proof enough that there is no threat to Global warming. I understand when we feel like we have to control everything and I mean everything. God has to remind us (world) that He is in Constant Control, not us. HE IS! When it comes to global warming, it might be there is a specific reason beyond our own pee-brain knowledge. God knows what's best. He created this world and only He can destroy it. NOT US! Shew! I'm so glad to get that off my chest.

The best Valentine blessing, you could ever ask for!

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Laura said...

Love all the VDay pics!

I called the Lighthouse again today and STILL had to leave a message. No one has called me back yet. It's really making me mad!