Sunday, February 7, 2010

Katie Makes Her Own Pizza

I think most all of the kids enjoyed this field trip to CiCi's Pizza. We walked in to a table full of raw pizzas, ready to be assembled and cooked. The owner took 5 children at a time to make their very own pizza. Some kids piled on all the toppings and then there were a few that would rather just have a cheese pizza. Here are a few pictures of the whole experience:

Katie dug right in and started putting on the toppings. Surprised, she wanted to put pineapple and mushrooms on her pizza.

We got to go back into the kitchen area and watch the pizza go into the 500 degree oven. Would you believe the lady asked us if we would like to push the pizza onto the conveyor belt? We passed on the experience of staying right by a boiling hot oven, didn't sound all that safe.

Katie really liked her pizza and it looks pretty good. She decided she didn't like the pineapples, but liked everything else. By the time she was finished, I was shocked to see that she ate half of it.

After all the children ate, they hit the game room. Katie had to try one of the games. Her and her friend, Me-Me aka Mary Holman, are pretending to drive.
The Twilight SeriesI finished "Breaking Dawn" and I have to say that it was a very good read. It did keep you in suspense all throughout the book. I have to admit that I did get my feathers ruffled from time to time until I found out later that it didn't end up the way I thought it would, suspense. I was cheering for Jacob up to the very end, but I guess over all he did get the girl per sa. I don't want to give everything away, so I'll leave it at that.
First, I have to get something that I've pondered off of my chest. We were at Bridge Street, doing a little shopping and waiting to be seated at P.F. Changs, when I went inside Barnes and Noble. I knew I wanted to get "Breaking Dawn", but I had a difficult time finding the thing under fictional romance. I even looked under horror, but nothing. I was beginning to wonder if they even sold the series. Then, there they were. What puzzles me is what makes publishers think this series is just for teens? For one thing, I wouldn't consider this a teenager's novel. In fact, I wouldn't encourage the read for teenagers. Is it because there are teenagers in the stories? I think kids have enough to think about with raging hormones. I don't know about boys, but girls fantasize a lot and some may have difficulty keeping fiction and non-fiction separate. I am glad that Stephanie Meyer kept some morals in the story. At least Edward and Bella got married before they became intimate with one another and I'm relieved Bella was practically dead before she was transformed into a vampire. Overall, I'm very pleased to have had the change to read the whole series. "New Moon" comes out on DVD March 20th, I believe, right before "Eclipse" comes to the theaters. I'm very excited to see how the movies will go along with the books.

Mom's Birthday Luncheon
We had a really nice lunch with mom yesterday. We all met up at "The All Steak Restaurant". Katie loved seeing Nia again. Robin and I have got to get the girls together more often because they love playing with one another. Katie gets upset when she doesn't get to play with Nia long enough. Here are a few pictures:

Tim Hawkins
Last night, I laid up on the bed, surfacing the web, while Doug was sleeping. I had both kids in bed sleeping, so I had time to myself. I checked out Max Lucado's daily devotional and his latest news. I remembered God Tube, so I pulled it up to see what was the most popular Christian video this week. I saw the name Tim Hawkins and it was listed that he was a Christian comedian. I thought I could really use a laugh, so I checked him out. I had my head phones on, but still managed to wake Doug up. I guess the bed was shaking so hard from me laughing. He is a comedian that takes older songs and changes the words. He is really good at it. To kick off Valentine's week, I decided to post this parody of two loves "Samson and Delilah."

Right away, I have to tell you that he's not gay. He's pretending to be a Sunday School Teacher, mixed with silliness. I'm so glad God allowed me to discover Tim. I will be excited to see more of his skits and musical parodies.


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Anonymous said...

Katie's field trip sounds like it was tons of fun. I don't blame you...I would have passed on the oven as well. Wanted to tell you...I just read on Stephanie Meyer's website that she originally wrote the Twilight series for her '29 yearold self' and that it was never intended for the younger audience. (there is a q & a on her website) She also has a 5th book in the works that puts the 1st book into Edwards perspective. :)