Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prayer Request Update

I have a praise report - Jon went back to the doctor and was dismissed. Susan said that the swelling is gone and the scar on the knee looks much better, almost disappeared. Baseball season has begun, so he is off practicing for the big tournament this week.

Barry B. and his family still needs your many prayers. Susan told me, the doctor found tumors in his lungs (I believe), but it's not good because it means the cancer is spreading. The doctor is preparing the family saying, he gives him a couple of months.

Mom's been experiencing floaties and one big fuzzy that has made it difficult to read. Her eye doctor said her retina detached, which is where the floaties and fuzzy is coming from. He said it could be one of two different kinds. I really don't understand, but this is what mom said. She went on to tell me that if it is one, it could be treated with medicine. If it is another, you can only wait to let the blood absorb back into the eye by itself. She'll find out this morning, which kind it is. This is driving my mother crazy because she has to really focus to look around the blood spots. She's wanting to just take a few pills and it will heal up automatically.

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