Friday, October 8, 2010

Boo at the Zoo and A Party Too!

Katie announced tonight as we were coming home from her little friend's party that today was a great day.

We started our day loading everyone up and taking Katie to school. Once we dropped Katie off at the front door, we parked our vehicle with the other parents that were going to the zoo. Colton knew something was up. He was getting antsy, wanting out of his chair. To buy some time, I let him play with a few of Katie's toys (Strawberry Shortcake). Shhh, don't tell Katie because she doesn't know about it.

At the zoo, Mrs. M's class all were sitting quietly in their section on the sidewalk. I agreed to chaperone for Mrs. M, but there were several parents that were able to make it. I was so glad because that made me only responsible for one other child other than Katie. Yay! Katie and S agreed that for today, they were sisters. I thought that was so sweet. The first thing I told them was that they needed to hold hands and stay close by us at all times. Of course, Katie was temporarily deaf when I stressed the point of "wandering off or not staying close by." Poor S acted like the big sister telling Katie to listen to me. Thinking to myself, I think I like S more and more. She's a good influence to Katie. Once Mrs. M had us on our way, we had to cover the whole zoo within 2 hours. Now, how do they expect us to do this in such limited time? I put on my thinking cap and we decided to just cover the Safari, Jungle and Petting area. I didn't think the girls would be interested in snakes, bugs, and alligators. The one thing S requested to see, outside of the areas we went, was the Flamingos. I think from now on the time to go to the zoo is early in the mornings because the animals were in a rare frisky form. Most of them were not hiding, the cats were posing and the monkeys were playing around. The facility is currently going through some construction work, they are adding on a huge Safari exhibit. Once done, they will house 4 bull elephants along with many other new animals. If you ask Katie which was her favorite part, she'll probably tell you the monkeys; however, I know she really like the rock climbing playground area. LOL! S got to see her Flamingos before we left. And I felt like I lost about 10 pounds walking and sweating to death. Of all days, we go to the zoo today. Yesterday and day before yesterday were absolutely beautiful with very cool temperatures. Today was another story, with the high nearly topping 90 degrees. Ugh! I could just feel my face becoming red as a beet. Thank goodness for the train ride! It made a little breeze for me to cool down. We had a really good time and Katie hated to leave so quick, but I told her that we would try to come back next Spring for the Grand Opening of the new Safari Exhibit. I couldn't have been able to do this without the help of Doug and Colton was a little angel. God was definitely watching over me.
Red Panda

Sand Cat (Wildcat) ~ Isn't it cute?

This little weasle looking thing was so funny.  It kept coming up to the glass next to Katie & S (back & forth)

This Bobcat was playing possum

I've never seen a miniature mule before until today

The dewarf goats were loving the attention & brushing from the girls

The Queens for the Day!

The zoo was decorated for the annual "Boo at the Zoo."  This was part of the Alice and Wonderland display


Alice falling again


Part of the "Candyland" display

Gorilla taking it easy

Anteater having a little snack


Monkeys & more monkeys

. . . along with the lemurs

They had two white rhinos

My girls feed Black Swans and Turtles, FROM THEIR HAND!  I told Katie she better watch it because the swans would bite her.  "No mom, their nice swans they don't bite."  she said.  Lucky for her, they didn't. 

I love how their feathers look like ruffles from a black evening gown on their back.  So pretty.

Carp sticking their heads out, telling us they need FOOD.

Colton enjoying himself

Sisters for the day!

Before we headed home, Doug had to stop by his favorite store in the whole wide world, Marks Outdoors. They've been doing a little construction work themselves. They've bought out the golf and bike repair shops and knocked out some walls. Wow! It looks good and seems to have more of a variety, believe it or not. They have a HUGE Costa Del Mar sunglass selection.

Katie, Colton and myself were whipped out on the way home. Colton was out and I was able to talk Katie into resting her eyes. I didn't realize how tired I was until I woke up almost home. Oops! I didn't mean to fall asleep, but I don't think Doug missed my company because he was listening to Finebeaum the WHOLE time. I'm not a big Finebeaum fan because half the people that call in sound fake.

At home, I was able to take a small break, clean Katie up and we were out the door again. Her little friend, A, is celebrating her birthday. Katie had a ball. I loved meeting A's grandparents, such sweet people and reconnecting with another couple I knew from church. A had a very nice party and we wish her many many more happy birthdays. We Love You!!
I forgot my regular camera, so I had to take all the pictures with my cell phone camera. 

Katie wouldn't even look at me.  Ugh!

Blowing out the candles!


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