Sunday, October 17, 2010

Roll Tide!

We were fortunate enough to get away this weekend. A weekend, I could really use. Doug's parents were sweet to keep the children overnight, while we loaded up and went to a football game. As you know by now, we are Bama fans. So, we were able to get ahold of 4 tickets to the Bama vs. Ole Miss game last night. We hated the fact, the game didn't start until 8 PM. Ugh! Wayne and Laura met us in B'ham to go to the game with us. We got there early, so we could visit with them and spend a little time with them. Wayne and Doug went to their favorite store Mark's Outdoors and no telling where else.  Laura and I had our own agenda.  We needed to stop off at the Galleria, Patton Creek, and The Summit

I was on the hunt for a houndstooth jacket for the game.  What started it was a few weeks ago, Peggy and I were inside a Bama Fever store and they had a beautiful wool blend houndstooth jacket.  Of course, the stores that carried this specific jacket didn't have my size  in stock.  JUST MY LUCK!  Once I widened my taste and options, I found a houndstooth poncho that was perfect for me.  Laura said, she liked it because it's different.  I liked it because it felt like a blanket was wrapped around me.  The way it's made, you can wear it with or without the belt.  Take a LOOK . . .
Doug & I sitting by the hotel fountain

I think I had more fun shopping around The Summit because Coldwater Creek was having a great sale.  I was able to purchase a couple tops, a pair of corduroy pants and a pretty purple jacket.  There was a large selection 60% off the original price, including some jewelry.  The great find for the day was discovering Charming Charlie .  They have a large variety of everyday costume jewelry, accessories and some clothing.  It was neat how they organize the merchandise by color.  I was focused on looking for a specific necklace to go with my new outfits that I really didn't get to just shop, plus it was getting close to time for us to meet up with the guys for the game.  I hate it when I have a specific style of jewelry or clothing in my mind and I can't appreciate what's right in front of my face.  When my mind is clear, I would love to go back here and shop.  I thought the prices were very reasonable.

At the game, we stopped off to visit some friends that were tailgating. We picked up some pizza to share, but oh my goodness the food that was already there.  Vicki told me that they made some new friends, other tailgaters.  So, they all came together and had a party.  What better fun than watching the game on a flat screen outside with lots of food and friends.  They seemed to have had a great time. 
When it got closer for the game to start, we headed up to the stadium.  After catching our breath from climbing so MANY stairs, we settled down in our nose bleed section of seats.  LOL!  I didn't care if we were at the very top, where the flags were flying, I love the Bamanation atmosphere.  There were times, where we couldn't see who had the ball, but we cheered with all our might.  We did have a couple of Ole Miss fans sitting beside Doug.  They were a nice couple.  They even tried to teach me the Ole Miss song "Hottie Tottie, Gosh All Mighty."  Not really understanding fully their little chant, I happily gave them the "Rammer Jammer" back at 'em.  Doug wasn't too pleased with me, but hey what's one school chant to another.  I have to say that we played a lousy game and I'm still shocked that we actually won, but I think we ALL had a good time.  It was a rough and painful game, but the tide pulled through it. We were very fortunate to win against Ole Miss (Bama 23 - Ole Miss 13).  You can absolutely tell that this team is different from last year's team.  Doug and I analyzed both offense and defense on the way back home. 

After the game, we met back up with our tailgating friends.  It was a little chilly and I was surprised to see them still outside watching television.  Of course by this time, they were watching a different game.  It was so sweet of them to let us park by their RV.  It sure helped us out, finding a good parking place and we knew no one would mess with our vehicle.  We tried to wait around to let the traffic thin out some before we headed back to the hotel.  Man, what a traffic jam.  We even stopped off to grab us a snack, hoping the traffic would lighten up some more.  Unfortunately, Wendy's, Arby's and Sonic were all having electronic problems.  I wish you could have seen the line of vehicles outside for the drive thru and inside was just as bad.  No one was moving and no food was going out.  We finally gave up and got back into the traffic jam.  We didn't get back to the hotel room until 3:00 in the morning.  We were so tired that as soon as my head hit the pillow, I didn't know anything until Doug got up to take a bath around 9:00 AM. 

Later, we met up at The Cheesecake Factory for brunch.  I had the half turkey sandwich with a garden salad and the chocolate mousse cheesecake for dessert.  YUM!  Soon after, Wayne and Laura were on their way back home.  Doug and I messed around town for a little bit before heading home. I'm having problems loading photos to Blogger tonight, which is why you only see one photo of our little trip.  I will have to post pictures on another post.  So, stay tuned . . .

"The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"

"The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is out on Blu-ray disc now.  We had to stop by Sams Club and get it for our library.  It's an all time classic and Katie absolutely loves it!  They had "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" available on Blu-ray as well.  I started to grab it while I was there, but we are going to wait until next month. 

Great Children Printables
If you like printable crafts and things, you've got to check out a new site I discovered from The Toymaker

Another Halloween Craft
I also have to pass this cute as a pumpkin craft to you.  I found it through Eighteen 25, they were doing a feature on Halloween wreaths. 

Isn't it cute?  I love it!!!!  Plus, it sounds so simple and inexpensive.  Really Renata  made this wreath, but she got her idea from The Long Thread, which has several great crafts and recipes.  Just CLICK HERE for your instructions and other craft ideas.  You could make a wreath for every season or occasion by following these few simple instructions.  


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