Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We've Been Booed ~ Part 2

I didn't have a hard time picking my first "We've Been Booed" group. My loving church family has been there for us now for several years. Northbrook Baptist is a full time church that our main mission is to spread the love and lifestyle of Jesus Christ.

I wasn't expecting to tell this large group my story of my main purpose of blogging and now giving out treats to show my appreciation for them. When I got to the church, I was explaining to a couple of my church friends what I was doing there with a box full of cupcakes. Next thing I know my friend gathered up everyone else and asked me to tell them everything I just told him. I do well with a small group of say 2 or 3 people. You add too many more faces than that looking back at me, holding on to every word, my voice starts quivering and I begin to sweat. Nice huh! I knew I would get this way, so I went ahead and apologized. I also have a tendency to talk in circles. I hope everyone was able to grasp what I was trying to say.

Originally I was inspired by a blogger, The TomKat Studio, I loved the idea of spreading love, kindness and appreciation for others in a month and near a specific date that is known worldwide as a day of darkness, evil and death.  God is light, love and life!  If there is any darkness, evil or death it is because it is absent from God.  Without light there is darkness.  As a Christian, I celebrate the fact that I don't have worry about the darkness, evil or death because I have God holding my hand, my heart, my life.  Like any other holiday, I love them all.  Mostly because I get the excuse to decorate.  {giggling}  I like to celebrate Halloween, but very light heartedly.  Me sharing my love and devotion to my church family, I hope will be an annual tradition for me from here on out.  It was fun, it was scary, but I have loads of joy in heart because I did it.  I encourage everyone to do the same thing.  What a blessing you will receive for it. 

By the way, I think they liked the spiders just as much as I enjoyed decorating them.  One of the ladies said that it was the best tasting spider she's ever ate.  LOL! 

Now, I'll have to think of a project to do the same thing for someone next month for Thanksgiving and of course Christmas is coming.  LOL!  TomKat Studio, you need to get to drafting out new cute signs for these holidays.  HAHA! 

I want to thank Northbrook Baptist for allowing me to stop their busy schedule this morning and accepting my treat.  Of course, they had such a great attitude when I asked to take their picture for today's posting. 



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Allison said...

You are so sweet Mirya and I'm sure you did fine! I'm making the spider cupcakes today because they are just so cute, even made Travis stop at Food World to get me choc. sprinkles!