Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Halloween Stuff?

You are probably so sick of reading another Halloween decoration or party food blog post from me by now. But guess what? You get to read another one. HAHA!!

I blogged the other day, RIGHT HERE to be exact, listed under the subtitled "Halloween" about decorating a gingerbread Haunted House for the children.  I wanted to add my green grass around the house before I took pictures and posted on the website.  Well wait no further, here it is:

Katie kept shaking the table that's why all the windows look like a drunk person decorated this house.  LOL!

Spider Cupcakes
I first got this idea this time last year from Martha Stewart.  I fell in love with these little cuties as soon as I layed my eyes on them.  I hated that I didn't have enough time to make them last year, but I made sure to make them this year.  Here is last year's post!

Here are my cute little creepy crawlies:

I just feel in love with these and had so much making them.  Katie had a fit over them as soon as she got home from school this afternoon.  I hated to tell her that they are promised to someone else.  These little guys will be part of my "We've Been Booed" project.  I'm sure you remember THIS POST about making your Halloween be more about love and kindness, instead of doing tricks and being all about the candy.  Since that post, I've carefully debated who/whom should receive the "We've Been Booed" treat.  I wanted to make it more about showing my love, kindness and appreciation for others.  I've had a long list of people and organizations that should be awarded this award of kindness.  I would like for this to my first year of a great new tradition and I would like to challenge you to do the same thing.  It doesn't have to be a real big thing and you don't have to give a special someone a homemade treat.  It could be anything, just a show of your appreciation, love and kindness towards someone else.  I've finally selected my person/persons and will be presenting these spider cupcakes sometime tomorrow.  I plan on taking pictures, so I won't reveal the name/names until tomorrow's post.  So stay tuned . . .  (Can you tell that I'm having entirely too much fun with this?  HAHA!)

How Did I Make These Spider Cupcakes? 
Unlike Martha Stewart, I completely believe in boxed cake mixes.  I'm all for semi-homemade!  DUNCAN HINES RULES!!!

What You'll Need
Yellow Cake Mix (Moist is best)
1 container Chocolate Icing
Cupcake Papers
Chocolate Sprinkles
Large Marshmallows
M&Ms (brown, green, blue, orange & red)
Twizzlers (string-pull-a-parts)

InstructionsBlend cake mix as instructed on box.  Usually one box will make 2 dozen cupcakes.  Bake as instructed.
Once the cupcakes are cool, spread icing and begin to decorate the cupcakes to look like spiders.  Use the above picture as a guide.

Eyes - cut a large marshmallow in half with Kitchen sheers.  Make sure the inside sticky marshmallow is facing forward ~ this helps the M&Ms to stick better.  I put a little icing on the back of the marshmallow to stick to the chocolate sprinkles. 

Legs - Take one long still twisted strings and fold in half; cut.  Fold the twisted strings again and cut.  To make the legs a little shorter, you may want to cut a little more off on the ends.  This just helps the legs from easily snagging and falling off.  Before placing the legs onto the cupcake, I dipped the tip of each leg in chocolate icing and then placing it on the cupcake.  It seemed to help.  You may even want to press down the tip of the leg, to make sure it sticks down in the icing and sprinkles.  

Mommy's Little Bedbugs
Katie wanted her daddy to come visit her in her room.  Next thing I know, they were snugged in bed watching television.  Of course, Colton wanted to be a part of the pajama party.  You know me, I had to have a picture.  Precious Memories are every where. 

Colton was so tired the other day. It was almost time for supper and I knew he just needed a 30 minute rest. Normally, I would put him in his bed for those 30 minutes, but I wanted to see if he would sleep on a kiddie pallet.

He looks so cozy!  He actually stayed there for a little while. 

Katie is so excited about tomorrow's pumpkin carving day at school.  I guess you could say this is a daughter/daddy day.  Doug is planning to go to school tomorrow, along with all the other daddys and help his little girl carve out a beautiful or scary pumpkin.  I've got one of her Halloween outfits layed out to wear.  Our school has been celebrating Red Ribbon Week.  Everyday, the children have been dressing different or doing different things together.  Today was red shirt day.  Tomorrow is wear a hat/cap day to "put a cap on drug abuse."  Katie's got her cap that Whitney passed down to her laying by her outfit, so she forget it.  I forgot what she's suppose to do or wear on Thursday, but Friday she gets to wear her Halloween costume.

We've got something going on every day until Monday.  When I say everyday, I mean lots of things from the time I get up to the time I go to bed (packed) full.  I hate to say this, but I'll be glad to get a break.  Shew!!!


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