Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oktoberfest Celebration

Katie and I went to the opening ceremonies of our German aka Oktoberfest. Katie is up old enough to enjoy the many games that Sacred Heart Church provide. I have to say that the church has stepped it up compared to several years ago, when I would come with the nieces and nephews when they went to school here. The German Festival is the church's, which is also a private school, only big fundraiser. Katie loved the festival. We got there a little after 10:00 and left around 1:00. I was getting very tired and ready to go home. Katie on the other hand, probably would have stayed there as long as I let her. When you get there, you have to purchase tickets for all the inflatables and games. All Katie wanted to do was stay on the inflatable slide and bounce house. Right off the bat, we ran into her friend, Em. Em was in Katie's ballet class last year. The girls got to catch up a little, while we were there. I tried so hard to get her to do some of the other games. They had some nice ones like cake walk, toy walk, ball toss, duck pond, fishing, etc. I couldn't even get her to get her face painted. When she was younger, she loved getting her face painted. I guess it's not the cool thing anymore.
Katie jumping with Em

Not much to this, she only did it one time

Finally got her to do something other than the inflatables

Sacred Heart (would have been a better pic minus the phone lines - Grrr)

The steeples are very high up (tall), you can see them from a long distance.  I love it when the sun hits them just right ~ gold beams bright ~ as if God is saying "hello, I'm still here."  Ever since Katie was able to talk, she has always and still today called this church "Jesus' Church."

Early this morning, it was a little cool outside. Because we are all fighting colds around our household, I made sure to put some sleeves on Kate. Well, I think I dressed her a little too warm because once the sun made it's appearance, it got warm. As soon as I could get her to sit still long enough to get us a drink and funnel cake, I took it. We headed inside the Bingo area, grabbed a drink and cake and visited my mother, while she was enjoying the Bingo game.

Speaking of my mother, I've got great news! Since she's been home from the Nursing Home, she's been too afraid to try to drive. Since her ordeal, she got out of practice of driving and pretty much was at the mercy of others to take her places. Well, guess what? Mom has finally gotten the courage to start driving again. YAY!! She told me today that she's been going here and there without having to wait for someone to take her. I'm so proud of her and let her know how excited I was for her. To top that off, she's fit in perfectly with a fairly good size fitness group (approximately 18 people) at the gym. She's made several friends in her class and they are having a little potluck party sometime next week. She seems excited because she can't figure out what to bring. Y'all just don't know how much I'm loving hearing this out of her mouth.

After I regained my energy and cooled off, we headed for one of Katie's favorite museums, Col. Cullman Museum. I don't know why she loves this place, but she does and I practically have to drag her out of there.
Katie on the front porch of Col. Cullman Museum

Katie at the gazebo ~ she told me this was her new playhouse

Katie spies the Haystack People

My baby girl!

Katie watching the festivities continue from the gazebo

Katie directing the music playing, in the music room of the museum

I think this was her favorite room

She was wanting me to touch the cotton ~ "It's so soft mom."

Oil painting upstairs

Statue of Col. Cullman just inside the main entrance

One of the directors told us that they had some taxidermy animals upstairs, if Katie would be interested in seeing them. As we made our way up the stairs, whom should I spot right off the bat. An old portrait of my great great great grandfather, Mace Thomas Payne Brindley, up on the wall on the other end of the staircase. Wow! He was one of many first settlers in Cullman and became a Statesman. Of course, I was showing Katie his picture. Do ya think she even cared? Why NO! She just wanted to go see the animals. LOL!

Mace Thomas Payne Brindley
We saw lots of people mingling around, meeting smile after smile on this very beautiful October day.
Street Dancing at Market Place

Lots of carriage rides ~ I tried my best to get Katie to go for a ride with me.

Katie had to have her annual pic with the Haystack People

Over by the old train depot there was an antique car show, but we didn't go to it.


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Laura said...

What a fun, fun day and how amazing is that about your great great great-grandfather's pic! Go Grandpa Brindley!!

I am SO excited to hear about your mom!! It is wonderful to hear how far she has come!!