Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Colton aka "Charlie Brown"

My sisters have nicknamed my baby boy "Charlie Brown"

Maryann, sister, wanted to buy him a Charlie Brown shirt

. . . but the ones I priced from Etsy were around $14-$18

What do ya think?  Do they resemble?

{I Love This Photo}

. . . so I made this shirt myself.  Can you believe it?

Walmart shirt - $3.50 + $1.99 Black Acrylic Paint

Sweet Photo of my baby boy = PRICELESS!!!

Colton says, he's had enough ~ bye

"Charlie Brown" by The Coasters (1950s)

"Peanuts Theme Song"

Katie Story
I have a quick Katie story.  I find it funny because Doug is very vocal on how he thinks I can't drive.  This morning on our way to school, I was pulling onto the highway when Katie noticed the truck that was passing by.  "Woo mom!  Watch out!" she alerted me.  "What?" I asked.  "I thought you were going to hit that truck."  I informed her that believe it or not, I know how to drive and I knew the truck was passing by us before I pulled out.  "Well, daddy doesn't know how to drive."  she announced.  "Oh is that right?"  I asked.  "Yes, he's all the time running into cars."  she says as a matter of fact.  LOL!!!!  I believe that was the best news I've heard in a very long time because Doug is all the time on me for my driving.  In fact, I refuse to drive with him in the car because he makes me so nervous.  The way he acts while I'm driving makes me more of a hazard on the road than me driving without him.  So of course, me hearing this was my piece of chocolate cake for the day.   

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Laura said...

OMG!! He looks just like Charlie Brown!! I've seen that shirt done with black electrical tape instead of paint, too. Good job! I know that's not what he is going to be for Halloweem, but man, that would be an oh-so cheap costume!!